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If you're looking for the right place or person for the next step, I hope you find it here.

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Alexander Technique

Alexander Teacher - Christopher Element Tel:+ 44 (0)1273 605226. Sussex.

UK Directory of Alexander Teachers Find a Teacher near you.




Visit www.angelsoflight.co.uk for channelled messages, CDs, Fairy Essences and workshops. Meet your own angel. Email: Debbie Clayton Tel: 01726 883213. Based in Cornwall.



Visit www.healingstars.com for an astrology reading both Western and Vedic on the phone or in person. Email: Pam Carruthers Tel: 01273 380 019 or Based in Hove, Sussex.



Visit Holistic Life Coaching for a unique course founded by Dr Mark Atkinson covering core coaching AND energy management, relationships, self-mastery, nutrition and emotional management. Become a Holistic Life Coach. Tel: 0845 094 6450

Visit www.yearning4learning.co.uk PSYCH-K ® provides a variety of safe, effective ways which can change beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you, simply and easily. For private sessions and workshops in the South East contact Cazzie Dare. Tel: 01273 506 974. Email: webenquiry@cazziedare.com Based in Hove.


Constellation Work - Family and Organisational

Family Constellation work in the UK. An incredibly deep and effective way to find the truth around family issues and to set yourself free. Highly recommended. Also available to organisations to find creative solutions to organisational blocks.

Constellation Work with Illness. Stephan Hausner is a German naturapath, homeopath and cranio sacral therapist who uses constellation work to bring understanding and resolution to chronic illness. He works mainly in Germany, Spain, Holland and South Amercia.


Litlington Crystal Store, Litlington Tea Gardens, Litlington, near Alfriston, East Sussex. Contact Morgarian in the shop on: +44 (0)1323 871226 for more information. A magical place for synchronistic encounters!



Email: Constantina Keenan Holistic Art Teacher in Buckingham.

Evolution Arts and Health centre. Courses in Brighton on every aspect of creativity.


Dance and Sing

Brighton Gospel Choir Tel: Sandy on: +44 (0)1273 684 558. No audition required, all abilities.

Hullabaloo Community Choir Brighton Tel: Kirsty on 01273 552 371. No audition required, all abilities.

Find your nearest Rock Choir. No auditions. Singing a medley of music from pop, gospel and soul.

Visit Alain and Sarah -Workshops 5 Rhythm Dance Teacher. Tuesday evenings 8–10.30 pm
Brighton College, 1 Montague Place, Kemptown, BN2 1JE. Email: Alain Allard

The Brighton Thursday Wave offers a dance space inspired by Five Rhythms. No teaching, just dance your dance and explore movement and feelings amongst like-minded people. Tel: +44 (0)1273 271 408, or Email: Tim and Clare They also organise dance holidays and a monthly Saturday night dance event in Brighton.

5 Rhythms every week at the Brighton Natural Health Centre. Tel: +44 (0)1273 600 010

Visit: A Call to Dance For 5 Rhythm Dances and Teachers in London

For a simple fusion of Jive and Salsa dancing that can be done to disco music try Ceroc

No time to dance or you want to spend more time doing it? 'Get on down' to Dance Holidays or Tel: Carefree Holidays on + 44 (0)870 286 6000 for all kinds of dance from Bollywood and Irish dancing to Ceroc and Line dancing.

List of Dance Events of all kinds In London and the South.

Feng Shui and Space Clearing

Visit The Healthy Home. Gina is a Healthy Living Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and Author. Email: Gina Lazenby

Visit Energy Awareness run by energy researchers Stephen and Lynda Kane. They offer unique products to improve the Feng Shui of your home or office. They also offer distance consultations and diagnostic sessions. All products can be bought online and there are many UK distributors.

Flower, Tree and Crystal Essences

Crystal Herbs produce Flower, Gem, Angel and Ascended Master Essences. They also run training courses as The College of Vibrational Medicine.

Visit Green Man Essences for a wonderful range of tree and flower essences. They also have a shamanic plant essence range, Books, Cds and cards with symbols and colours that allow you to create and charge up your own essences.

International Flower Essence Repertoire (IFER) formerly based in The Living Tree. Produces Essences and Orchid Photo Cards (large pdf download). Stocks 21 lines from around the world. Also online Orchid Essence service. To order tel: +44 (0)1 583 505 385 or Email: flower@atlas.co.uk Based on Isle of Gigha, Scotland.

Visit Jackie Stewart. A gifted Flower and Gem Essence Practitioner and Gaia Healer working by phone and in person. She runs regular meditation evenings and essence-making workshops. Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Tel: 01422 847281. Email: Jackie Stewart

Visit Morningstar Essences. A wonderfully effective range of essences. You'll find everything here from fruit and vegetables to exotic flowers, from goddess, ascended masters and power animal essences to essences for pets.

Nature's Flowers of Life® - Australian native and garden flower essences, many created on Sacred Sites within bushland of NSW. Crystals are included in the preparation process enhancing and magnifying the essences' healing properties. Personal mixes available chosen by your Higher guidance through Solara.

Visit Rose Cottage Flower Essences for adults, children and animals. Also room sprays and environmental stress combinations. Located on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

Healing and Spiritual Growth

Byron Katie 'Loving what is'. Get the book and do The Work or do the exercises online. Simple, yet so effective.

Visit The College of Psychic Studies London. Courses and Talks.

Dawn Eagle Woman - Shamanic Therapist. Based in Wyoming. Regular dates overseas, including the UK and Holland.

Gaia Healing is a Divine Healing System from the Eternal Light Foundation. Contact them via Loredana on: 0208 297 9354 for your nearest healer, for distant healing or for dates of training courses.

GHAEN Global Light Network: a network of people working with the White Brethren, a group of God conscious beings including Buddha, Krishna and the Archangels who seek to make manifest the highest vision for the planet. Based in Wells, Somerset. Email Ja'been: GHAEN.

Visit Judy Hall author of The Crystal Bible for karmic readings and creative writing workshops and astrological evenings.

Visit Julie Brockman at Sacred Healing Path to experience intuitive readings, energetic facelifts and Access Consciousness.

Email: Lucy West - a gifted Journey Therapist. Practises in Steyning and Shoreham, Sussex. Tel: +44 (0)1903 879292 or 07813 911159. Visit The Journey to read more about this amazing journey within.

National Federation for Spiritual Healing Tel: + 44 (0)20 7482 3183 for a local healer or course and to put names on their Healing List for distant healing

The Hoffman Institute Holistic healing of family patterns. An eight day intensive residential course in 14 countries that brings you to self-acceptance and self- love.

Holistic Business Coaching

Mark Silver at Heart of Business. He's a Sufi master and business owner who writes an excellent weekly newsletter on how to combine your spiritual values with your business. Runs teleseminars and online courses for all aspects of business.

Leonie Dawson at the Shining Biz & Life Academy. Based in Australia Leonie offers loads of resources for building an enjoyable busines which fits around your lifestyle. The Shining Biz & Life Academy has a busy forum of thousands of women from around the world who are doing just that and who are happy to share advice, as well as offer practical and emotional support and an excellent business ecourse. Well worth joining.

Bernadette Doyle at Client Magnets. She offers lots of extremely professional and useful free videos and teleseminars if you need help with marketing yourself effectively.

Holistic Centres and Courses

Alternatives, Piccadilly, London St James Church. Runs a regular programme of speakers.

The British College of Integrated Medicine founded by Dr Mark Atkinson offers a pioneering approach combining conventional and complementary techniques. Runs workshops for health practitioners. Tel: 0845 0945452. Email: info@integratedmedicine.org.uk

Daisy Healing Centre SW London. Offering vortex healing and trips to Egyptian sacred sites.

Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre, Lewes, Sussex.

Evolution Arts and Health Centre Brighton, Sussex. A full range of workshops and courses.

Linda Belcher Healthcare Holistic healthcare - kinesiology, reflexology, facial rejuvenation massage and Bach flower essences - treating the whole of you as the unique whole being you are...

The Heeler Centre, next to Hassocks station, Sussex. Offers a wide range of complementary therapies. Tel: + 44 (0)1273 843780

Holistic Dentists

Holistic Dental Centre Farnham, Surrey. Tel: 01252 820004. Specialises in mercury free dentistry. They give advice on nutritional supplements prior to amalgam removal and detoxification, especially of residual mercury deposits in body tissues.


Holistic Directories and Networks

Alternative Guide to Health and Healing in the South East. Also in hard copy.

Enterprise Rockers - a community for micro businesses.

Complementary Therapists Guide. A free directory for complementary therapists and alternative medicine providers, information about holistic health and alternative medicine.

www.healthandgoodness.com An international guide to complementary therapists with great info and articles on all aspects of health and healing.

Healthy Pages. Courses, Events and Classifieds Across the UK.

Parallel Community Brings together people who want to create positive change in the world.

Homeopathy and Herbalism

Herbalist, Acupuncturist and deep body worker - Christopher Deakin Tel: + 44 (0)20 7371 7440 Vibrant Health Apothecary, Fulham, SW London.

Email: Linda Palmer a very experienced and committed medical herbalist who treats a wide range of issues. Phone Linda in Arundel, West Sussex on 01243 530246. Linda also does home visits.

Email: Julie Plackett a brilliant and very caring Homeopath, she treats children as well as adults. Phone Julie in Hove on: 01273 546199 or call The Heeler Centre next to Hassocks station Tel: + 44 (0)1273 843780

Visit Pauline Black. Homeopath, Journey Therapist and Shamanic Munay-Ki Healer and Teacher. Worthing, Sussex. Tel: 01903 533 153. Email: Pauline Black. Also practices in Carlevaux in Brittany, France.

Rowena Reeve. Homeopath, Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner. Alfriston, East Sussex. Tel:(0)1273 516456 or +44 (0) 1323 871555

Image and Makeover

Capture the new you on film with the help of a gifted photographer who loves to heal with her lens. Email: Charlotte Macpherson or call her in Brighton on: + 44 (0)1273 697 360

If you need someone more local try House of Colour for your nearest colour consultant.



Visit: Harmony Kinesiology College to find a practitioner in your area. Also offers training courses in Glasgow, Scotland. Run by Claire Tomlins who is also a 'Touch for Health' instructor. Call 0141 954 1796 or email Claire Tomlins

Jon Mason is a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist who uses the Body Code and the Emotion Code. He practises in Kendal, Cumbria and remotely over the phone. Tel: 01539 566118.

Visit Leisa Brown in Brighton who offers Massage, Natural Face Lifts, EFT, Kinesiology and so much more.

Visit Linda Belcher Healthcare Holistic healthcare - kinesiology, reflexology, facial rejuvenation massage and Bach flower essences - treating the whole of you as the unique whole being you are...

Visit Minna Oldfield, a Health Kinesiologist in Warrington, Cheshire. She also see clients from Liverpool and Manchester. Kinesiology is renowned for its ability to identify and treat the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means. Call 07929 835471 or Email Minna Oldfield

Marketing, Websites & PR

Contact Suzanne at Whitbys Global who designed this website. She specialises in designing logos, websites and stationery for businesses and therapists in the personal growth field.

Visit Client Magnets for a holistic approach to marketing aimed at Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Solo-Professionals. A great resource and newsletter full of useful tips.

Visit Mark Silver for someone who understands marketing from a spiritual perspective. Great blog and informative newsletter '..when you want to make a difference but you need to make a profit'. Based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Contact Pam Carruthers for a website design by someone who understands holistic marketing. Tel: 01273 380 019. Based in Hove, Sussex.

Contact photographer and sound recordist Jason Smalley for publicity shots of yourself or your products, as well as a videos of your service in action. An unusual blend of holistic sensitivity and commercial know-how, he's highly recommended. Based in Lancashire, he has cameras - will travel!

Massage, Fitness and Bodywork

Visit Leisa Brown in Brighton who offers Massage, Natural Face Lifts, EFT, Kinesiology Reiki, Aromatherapy and so much more. Magic hands and very intutive treatments - highly recommended.

Visit Tim Brown in Hove for Body Psychotherapy. A way to connect with and release body memory.



British College of Nutrition and Health. North London.

Guidelines for nutritional plans, food guide pyramid and diet tips to promote healthy eating.

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition Has a UK directory of local nutritionists

Email: Roberta Morgan Nutritionist and Iridologist, Uckfield, Sussex

Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Cranio Sacral

Alexandra Luzzato. Osteopath and Cranio Sacral therapist, works with adults and children. Book her at the Dyke Road Clinic, Hove. Tel: + 44 (0)1273 561844 or The Heeler Centre next to Hassocks station, Sussex. Tel: + 44 (0)1273 843780

Jon Mason is a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist who uses the Body Code and the Emotion Code. He practises in Kendal, Cumbria and remotely over the phone. Tel: 01539 566118.

Mark Jones is a Chiropractor who also uses the Body Code. He practices in Ashington, West Sussex on 01903 892171. Highly recommended for releasing both physical and emotional blocks to wellbeing.

Shiatsu and Cranio-Sacral Therapist - Francesca Zanoni Tel:+44 (0)1273 889002. Sussex.


Visit Managing Maternity for advice on managing maternity creatively. How to create win-wins between employer and employee. Tips on relieving stress and lots of useful information. Tel: 0870 285 1785. Email: Anna Hayward

Public Speaking and Networking

Visit London Alternatives at St James Church, Piccadilly for talks by leading authors and visionaries in the self-development world

Woman at Large. Inspiring women for success in business and at home. Gina Lazenby is a Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioner for Women in Business.

Relationship Resources

Sabine Young is an Imago Relationship psychotherapist. She specialises in helping couples find their way back to love through safe, open communication and an understanding of how our childhood experiences have affected our adult relationships. Based in SW London, Sabine works in English, French, German and Spanish.

Liz Foster is a Relationship Coach. Having trained with Debbie Ford in Spiritual Divorce, Liz is able to help you decide if your relationship can be saved or if it's time to move on - without the baggage and with the learnings. Based in Bath, Somerset, she works on the phone worldwide.

Retreats and Holidays

Daisy Centre Retreat Glastonbury. Close to the town centre and in walking distance of Chalice Well gardens.

The Findhorn Foundation. A long-established international spiritual community near Inverness, in Scotland. Take a look at their training courses and conferences or order some Transformation Game products.

Florence House, Seaford, Sussex. Stunning residential venue. Amazing food and total TLC.

Katie Holland - Bodies and Beats Egyptian Dance and Tai Chi in Goa, India and Nepal with international teacher and performer Katie Holland and Master Teacher Glen Pelham-Mather. Email: bodiesandbeats@katie-holland.net

Visit www.dolphinandwhaleconnection.com Swim with dolphins - go whale watching. Call Amanda Stafford on: + 44 (0)1273 882778. Email: The Dolphin Connection

Transformation Game Links and Products

Innerlinks The American Headquarters for the Transformation Game. Pick an Angel Card, order Game Products and check out their training programmes.

International Game Facilitator Directory Find your nearest Transformation Game Facilitator


Yoga poses and positions explained. Learn Yoga Asanas or Yoga Poses to purify and strengthen the body and focus the mind.

Heart and Soul of Yoga Learn and deepen your yoga practice with Vanessa Francis in New York. Groups, drop-in classes and individual tuition.

'Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything' Alexander Hamilton

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Holistic Advertising

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Newsletter Testimonials

Well done on the newsletter...and the advert is certainly a bargain. Dawn Eagle Woman, Shaman and Jungian Therapist, U.S.A.

Well done for getting your newsletter out! Great information and fun too. Pam Carruthers, Astrologer, Hove, Sussex

'Our advert looks astonishingly good, I'm impressed!' Don Dennis, Achamore House, Living Tree Orchid Essences, Isle of Gigha, Scotland

Wonderful ad for my rune course in your newsletter-already received a call from a lovely journalist in London who hopes to write an article on them. Ann O'Keife, Brighton

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