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Crystal Energy Eggs and Perfect Pendulums
Protection and Awareness Training

The products below are offered in association with energyawareness.org

The Akiva Guardian Energy Egg - For Protection, Vitality & Elimination of Stress

Guardian Egg Do you suffer from low energy or extreme fatigue? Do you feel affected by other people's energy? Are you concerned about the health dangers of cell phones or other technology?

Made from semi-precious white aventurine and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Akiva Guardian Energy Egg includes all the upgrades of the original Environmental Stress Eliminator - the most effective product of its type since 1984

The Akiva Guardian Energy egg:

  • shields you from other people's negative energies
  • balances your energy for better health
  • helps you become increasingly aware of solutions to your health problems
  • protects you against stresses you experience from man-made and natural sources of environmental stress including wi-fi, cell phones, portable phones, 'smart' meters, computers, televisions, ley lines, underground streams, geopathic stress, fluorescent lights, chemicals used in houses and cars, and much more besides

Testing Common Protective Devices

In this 9 minute video Stephen and Lynda Kane demonstrate the energy eggs, tested against common energy protection devices.

As he explains, these devices often emit a frequency which can stress our nervous system even more than the external stress, whereas the crystal energy eggs are able to boost the body's natural ability to protect itself.

How to Order

Cost: 53.97 GBP (approx 62 Euros or 67 USD) for the Guardian Energy Egg.

Click to order a Guardian Energy Egg and read more

Guarantee: There's a 12 month Money-Back Guarantee

You can also order the Guardian Energy Egg with a crystal transmitter such as the one it's sitting on in the photograph above. This means you don't have to carry the egg on your person. Once it's attuned to you and it's sitting on the transmitter it will continue working wherever you are. Click to order the Guardian Energy Egg with Transmitter
Cost: £69.97 (approx 81 Euros or 87 USD)

"I have bought the Energy Egg, Within one hour of having it in my pocket I felt amazingly relaxed, a super calm feeling. It's now my second week with the Energy Egg and these feelings remain with me. I've not been keen with Q-link, and many other emf products, because i always come across some information which shows negative feedback. I highly recommend anyone to try the Energy Egg"

For Increasing Protection and Stress Release in a Living or Work Space

Guardian EggFor larger spaces such as offices, restaurants, shops or any area which would benefit from environmental and stress protection there are larger versions of the personal Guardian Egg.

The next size up, pictured left, is called the Guardian Angel and the largest, just behind it, is the Guardian Archangel.

Click to read more and order a Guardian Angel or an Archangel - sorry, these are currently out of stock while an upgrading takes place

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The Star Energy Egg - For Security, Respect, Success and Creativity

Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Or feel you aren't respected? Want to advance your career or become more well-known? Need to feel safer or less anxious?

Made from semi-precious 'black volcano' or 'star' stone and hand-crafted to our exact specification, the Star Energy Egg cultivates your security/respect qi. This is the life energy that determines how other people tend to regard or treat you.

The more you cultivate your security/respect qi, the more it:

  • Improves how you are regarded or treated by others
  • Increases your awareness of how you need to act to be respected more
  • Attracts people or situations who/that can help you feel or become more secure
  • Helps manifest new friends or clients
  • Increases your robustness or resilience in threatening or stressful circumstances
Cost: 29.95 GBP (approx 35 Euros or 37 USD) for the Star Egg. 45.95 GBP (approx 54 Euros or 58 USD) if bought with the transmitter. A transmitter means it works at a distance if you'd rather not carry it with you

Click to order a Star Energy Egg and read more

"I've noticed that I'm just not tired in the evenings - still busy doing things at 11.30. Unheard of pre-Energy Egg!" M.S, Scotland

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For Increasing Security and Respect Ki in a Living or Work Space

Security EggFor larger spaces such as offices, restaurants, shops or any area which would benefit from better security and respect ki there are larger versions of the personal Star Egg.

The next size up, pictured left, is called the Star Angel and the largest, just behind it, is the Star Archangel - sorry, these are currently out of stock while an upgrading takes place.

Click to order and Angel or Archangel size Security egg


The Wealth Egg - For Attracting and Generating Financial Abundance

Wealth Egg An imbalanced wealth ki is usually evident in either an obsession with making money or a lack of focus on it. The Wealth Egg is a crystal transmitter which emitting a powerful energy which balances these two states.

The Wealth Egg first starts by increasing your receptivity to wealth ki at your crown which then flows to your navel (3rd) and forehead (6th) chakras from where it starts advancing. Advancing wealth ki increases your ability to generate more wealth in your life.

Another unique feature of the Wealth Egg is its ability to eliminate foreign energies or wealth karmas in your body which block the flow of wealth ki so it is gradually able to flow smoothly through all your chakras, attracting abundance in all areas of your life.

How to Order

A Wealth Egg costs 29.95 GBP (approx 35 Euros or 37 USD) or, bought together with the transmitter, the crystal which it sits on, which enables it to work at long distance, costs 45.95 GBP (approx 54 Euros or 58 USD). There is a 60-day money-back guarantee

Click for more details and to order your Wealth Egg online

Increasing Wealth Ki in a Large Space or Building

Wealth EggFor larger spaces such as offices, restaurants, shops or any area which would benefit from better wealth ki there are larger versions of the personal Wealth Egg.

The next size up, pictured right, is called the Wealth Angel (1.5kg) and the largest is the Wealth Archangel at 6kg.

Click to order a Wealth Angel - sorry, Archangels are currently out of stock while an upgrading takes place but there are still some Angels left

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Loving Relationships Egg

Loving Relationship Egg

Would you like more harmonious, loving relationships?
Would you like to deepen your current relationships or attract your soulmate?

Then order your beautiful deep red loving relationship egg today. Made of carnelian, you can either carry it with you or leave it on a crystal transmitter, as pictured left.

How to Order

Cost: 29.95 GBP (approx 35 Euros or 37 USD). With the transmitter as well it's 45.95 GBP approx 54 Euros or 58 USD)

Click to read more and order your Loving Relationships Egg

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Chronic Shock Egg - Relationship Recovery & Trauma Release

Chronic Shock Egg

Are you:
  • Suffering from shyness, nervousness or fear when around other people?    
  • Finding yourself responding in an aggressive or judgmental way that's 'just not you'?   
  • Having difficulty communicating what you want or need?    
  • Carrying negative thoughts or feelings from a past or current relationship, that just never seem to go away?     

If so, you may be suffering from accumulated relationship stress that is, quite literally, preventing you from being happy.

Relationship stress is an energy received from another person when you are vulnerable to their criticism, judgemental or negative personal comments, or remarks containing their anger, fear, self-importance or any other form of stress.

Because your energetic immune system is unable to fully eliminate it, a resident foreign energy displaces your own native energy so, in a very real way, you lose some sense of who you really are. This results in a sense of insecurity, loss of self-confidence and/or difficulty interacting with other people.

Frequent exposure to relationship stress such as with a parent, sibling, bully, boss or lover, damages the thymus or ‘happiness’ chakra in the upper chest. The consequent loss of your happiness ki, (which can continue long after an abusive relationship ends) is called ‘chronic shock.’ Also called complex post-traumatic stress disorder - chronic shock damages future relationships and our ability to fully engage with and enjoy our life.

The Chronic Shock Energy Egg eliminates stress energy from other people that's stuck in your energy body. It also starts restoring energy to your happiness chakra. Simply put, this egg protects and cultivates your happiness qi.

Chronic Shock EggYou can either carry the egg with you or leave it on a crystal transmitter where it will work on you remotely. All eggs can be further strengthened by being placed on an Omega wood & glass base

How to Order

Cost: 29.95 GBP (approx 35 Euros or 37 USD). With the transmitter as well it's 45.95 GBP approx 54 Euros or 58 USD)

Click to read more and order your Chronic Shock Egg with Transmitter

Click to read more and order your Chronic Shock Egg

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Loving Relationship EggProtecting and Energising a Large Space or Building and Everyone Inside

The small energy eggs are intended for personal use. If you need to protect or energise a particular ki in your treatment room, your office or your home and everyone in it, there are much larger versions of each Energy Egg called Guardian Angels and Archangels. Sorry, both of these sizes are currently out of stock while an upgrading takes place.

The Angel is usually large enough for a clinic, flat or 2-3 bedroomed house and an Archangel has an even more extensive range, such as this Loving Relationship Archangel (right). Sorry, these are currently out of stock while an upgrading takes place

Energy Egg ActivationLatest Energy Egg Activation Technique

  • Hold the egg with all fingers and thumbs of one hand
  • Then, looking at your Energy Egg, blow on its top out of your mouth then your nose - a ‘mouth/nose blow’
  • Then turn it over so it’s the other way up and do a mouth/nose blow on its top again
  • Now turn your Energy Egg so it is horizontal and do a mouth/nose blow on its side

Transmitter Activation

  • Hold your Energy Egg in one hand, pinched between the tips of all your fingers and thumb and hold your transmitter
    pinched between the tips of all your fingers and thumb of your other hand.
  • Now do a mouth/nose blow through the transmitter hole from one side. Then turn it around and do a mouth/nose blow through the hole from the other side.
  • Additional Wifi Protection

    If you have an optional Omega wood and glass base for extra environmental protection, for example you have a phone mast outside, lots of neighbours with wifi or geopathic stress, take these additional steps:
    • Omega Wood BasePlace your Energy Egg on its Transmitter and hold them together with one hand while holding the Omega base with your other hand. Do the mouth/nose blow on the glass side of the base. Then on the wooden side of the base.
    • Finally, stand your Energy Egg, with its Transmitter, on the Omega base and tap the top of your Energy Egg with your thumb. After this, simply repeat the thumb tap once daily.

    Your Energy Egg is now active remotely (no matter where you are) and responds to environmental stresses or foreign energies entering your energy field the same way it responds to them when you have it within ½cm of your body. This immediate response occurs even if you are a very long way away from your Energy Egg.

    How to Test For Additional Protection

    Some people are particularly sensitive or the increase in transmitters means they need more protection. In this case you may need more than one egg up to a maximum of four. If you'd like to test for how many eggs are sufficient protection for you personally please use a perfect pendulum or an omega pendulum. See pendulums below.

    Hold the fingers of one hand together pointing forwards, palm facing up with your thumb bent into your palm. It doesn't matter which hand you use. Look at the photo of one, two, three and four eggs in turn to find out which number gives you a 'yes' response.

    Then order the number of sets that you need.

    The Omega Pendulum

    The Omega Pendulum is an upgrade of the Perfect Pendulum, which was already the 'best in class' of all pendulums. This Rolls-Royce of pendulums comes with a complete energy-testing course - including unique, awareness-activating, empowerment methods never before made available to the public - and ongoing support on the Life Energy Awareness Forum.

    In addition to the properties listed below for the Perfect Pendulums, the Omega pendulum is much more than just a pendulum. It is a unique, life and awareness-empowering instrument which will help you discover:

    • All that is good for you.
    • The right (life-supporting) place for everything in your environment
    • The life-supporting energy flows in your home or office
    • Whether a task is complete - or if more needs to be done
    • The range of a beneficial or harmful energy field
    • The right action - are you doing what you need to do now?
    • Right energy - is your energy as good as it can be now? Or is there something else you need to be doing?
    • Preceptor recognition - places, people, images or objects that can support your higher awareness or spiritual development

    . . . and even how to neutralize some allergic reactions

    Available in gold, silver or copper finishes, the Omega Pendulum is the most powerful, accurate and reliable pendulum you will find on the market today.

    Testing Common Pendulums

    The material your pendulum is made of and its shape both affect your energy field. This short video will help you better understand how pendulums can strengthen and weaken different chakras.

    The perfect pendulum developed over 30 years by Stephen and Lynda Kane at the School of Energy Awareness not only has no side-effects, it actively increases the energy of your sixth chakra, so that your intuition grows stronger. In fact, the more you use it, the less you need it:)

    How to Order an Omega Pendulum

    Cost: Each pendulum costs 34.97 GBP (approx 41 Euros or 44 USD)

    Click to order your Omega Pendulum

    Instructions are downloaded after purchase and you can subscribe free to the energy forum to stay updated on developments and other peoples' questions and experiences.

    'It really is the clearest and easiest to use pendulum out there. People’s energy testing results are so much more accurate and people switch so much less, as it is an active awareness development device as well as testing tool – just by keeping it on the left side of the energy body.'

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    The Akiva Perfect Pendulum

    Zebra Jasper Amethyst Peach Stone Rose Quartz Tiger's Eye
    Aventurine White Jade Amazonite Lemon Jade Sodalite

    The Akiva Perfect Pendulum helps you make better energy-ascending choices without side-effects. Many dowsers become ill or their energy is disturbed over time because they accumulate foreign energies in their bodies and minds through their dowsing. The Akiva Perfect Pendulum transfers its energies to you so the more you use it, the less you need it; the more you can feel the answer within.

    This perfect pendulum:
    • Increases your testing accuracy by amplifying your awareness of any subject
    • Doesn't damage your energy field. Other pendulums may take energy from your energy field to generate answers.
    • Doesn't cause reversals of energy flows that result in unreliable answers.
    • Doesn't attract, or hold onto, the harmful foreign energies accumulated by so many other pendulums.
    • Actively eliminates foreign energies from your body as it's being used.
    • The new-shaped Akiva Perfect Pendulum (its dimensions conform to the golden mean) now holds three more new dyanas in addition to the four in the original Perfect Pendulum.
    This means you can answer three critical questions in your life easily and accurately with a very simple technique - a simple hand position (mudra). The three critical questions are:
    • Where do I need to be or go right now?
    • What do I need to do right now?
    • What do I need to not do right now?

    If you're unsure which of the new pendulums are best for you, either:

    • use a muscle test with Time for Awareness mudra. This means: look at the image of an Akiva Perfect Pendulum and have a friend perform a muscle test on one of your arms as you have the palm of your other hand facing the image, with fingers splayed and your thumb bent in towards the centre of your palm. The best Akiva Perfect Pendulum(s) will cause your arm to test strong
    • or email and request Best Perfect Pendulum For Me service Quote Spirit of Transformation and you'll pay just 5.97 GBP (approx 8 Euros or 8.92 USD) for the service. It's even less for two or more family members.

    Each pendulum costs 19.97 GBP (approx 23 Euros or 25 USD). The Akiva Perfect Pendulum includes a free voile pouch and comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but your confusion!

    How to Order Your Akiva Pendulum

    Click to order your Akiva Perfect Pendulum

    ". . . my life has changed and opened up in many ways I could never have begun to imagine . . . developing energy awareness really works!” CR, UK"

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    Hidden Secrets of Real Health Guide

    Hidden Secrets of Real Health is a 400 page, fully indexed e-book with over 170 advanced health-cultivation techniques. These not only develop your essential health-supporting energies, they can also save you a great deal of money and protect your health by helping you avoid:

    • Expensive supplements that aren't right for you and damage your energy
    • Buying houses that cause future problems
    • Environmental stresses that cause increased healthcare costs
    • Ineffective environmental 'stress solutions'

    "I've purchased the E book...Wonderful material...used the complete breath technique before sleep and had a poignant dream in duplicate." Cindy J, Nurse, USA

    "Hidden Secrets of Real Health has been a fantastic manual for me. As a Feng Shui book it is one of the simplest and clearest texts I have read. This is why I actually was able to put into place so many of the ideas and techniques. I've read other feng shui books and although they go into great detail and capture the imagination, I find I end up not feeling sure about much of the actual application and have not really had much success, until now.

    I was interested in it as an alternative health book initially but it does actually deal with many of the other life energies like 'security', 'wealth' and 'relationships' as you go through. When I first followed the idea of flowers either side of the front door, I noticed a fairly quick reduction in the amount of home interruptions I was getting like salesmen, religious evangelists etc. It even teaches you how to tune into your property with special muscle testing (or pendulum techniques) to make it all personal to you instead of one size fits all.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do a bit of their own Feng Shui DIY.
    " Max H UK

    This unique manual costs 19.95 GBP (approx 23 Euros or$25 USD). Click to order the Hidden Secrets of Real Health Guide and read more about it

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    Next Living With Energy Awareness Workshops

    This training allows you to learn:

    • How to protect yourself from harmful energy
    • To identify choices which enhance your life; from what food to eat, to what course to take, which house to move to, which day to launch a project or even the right person to date!
    • To identify life-enhancing energies in your own home and how to boost them in areas which need rejuvenating To learn a short, easy practice to increase your energy levels, vitality and focus each day
    • To build confidence in your 'inner knowing' so you can make positive decisions
    • To create opportunities for prosperity, health and abundance
    • To release karma and attract what you really want into your life

    Click for details of upcoming workshops led by Stephen and Lynda Kane.

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