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Where do I go from here?
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This website is rich in resources to support you in taking the next step on your soul journey, in deepening your insights and in enhancing the life choices you're making. Here's a summary of what's on offer:

There's a lot on offer and I'm not sure where to start

There's a wide range of resources available to you on this site representing a rich variety of understandings, spiritual wisdom, scientific breakthroughs and constant updating of what's possible on every level: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. This is because any approach to real transformation needs to be holistic, so you may need to make changes in more than one area. For example essences may support an emotional release or a spiritual awakening but you also need to be able to process and anchor that in your physical body. This will be difficult if you're not sufficiently hydrated or you're living with a lot of environmental stress.

The website is designed with plenty of Frequently Asked Questions to help you make your own choices but if you'd like an individual next step session to get started or to ask questions specific to your situation, please book one here.

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How can flower and crystal essences help my personal growth?

Subscribe to our enewsletter using the box top left and you'll receive a FREE soul flower essence reading which gives insights into some of your most important life themes - your soul challenges and your greatest gifts and some essence suggestions. It also gives you an introductory discount on a personal essence attunement and reading. This is a channeled blend created specifically for you. A unique mix of flower, crystal, bird and butterfly essences which rebalances your current state and offers a description to give you insight into what you're dealing with at a soul level.

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Which essence is best for me to start with?

To get an idea of the issues that essences can deal with, browse the essence ranges on the website. If you'd like to try a blend, but you aren't sure which to start with, you can use our channeled guidance service to find out which one would best serve you now. If you'd like advice on how to choose essences for yourself you'll find that on the essence FAQ page.

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I'd like to protect and support myself, as I make major shifts.

As we open up to new thoughts and change in our life, we can also open up to less positive influences. Specific flower and crystal blends can offer powerful protection and there are also excellent products, such as pre-programmed crystals, designed to shield you from negative energies and situations.

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I'm at a crossroads. I'd like to get clearer, explore new approaches and set some goals. I'd like support with implementing and maintaining change. I might appreciate a guide or mentor for a while.

Drawing upon many years of experience coaching across a wide spectrum of issues, Nikki can support you with life transitions and with getting to the next level. Coaching sessions can provide you with illuminating insights, a new mindset and a framework to follow. You can start with a one-off session or commit right away to a package.

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I want to improve the quality of my food, water, air and the environment in which I live and work. I need to increase my emotional and physical wellbeing.

How we treat our physical body greatly affects our quality of life, our energy levels and our ability to respond and relate to our inner guidance and to others. Nikki has had her own health challenges and has found wonderful technologies and drug-free approaches that have made a huge difference. Browse the water and nutrition section for more information.

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I'm going through a tough time right now and I'd like to choose my own Bach flower essence blend to support me through it

The Bach Flower system provides an excellent way to help us balance our everyday moods and mental states at a conscious level. They are also helpful when we're in a temporary but stressful situation. They are particularly effective with children, where it may not be appropriate to work at an unconscious or karmic level. (For deeper clearing and balancing at a more unconscious, cellular level, see Personal Attunements. )

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I'd like to stay in touch with this resource and be updated with what's new in the world of self development in general.

To read about upcoming events, new products and services and for a round-up of Personal Development news, subscribe to our free Enewsletter using the link above left. You can unsubscribe at any time. New subscribers receive a FREE soul flower reading showing your main life challenges and soul gifts and an introductory personal attunement discount.

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I'm interested in holistic support with self-employment

Many people are now transitioning to self-employment as a path of growth and this link offers forums and ecourses to support you with that.

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