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Neals Yard Remedies Organic
Glow While You Grow

Nikki Wyatt is an Independent NYR Organic Consultant.
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Pure Organic Award-Winning Oils, Remedies, Nutritionals & Skincare

There are so many excellent reasons for choosing Neals Yard Organic products. They help you look better, feel better and the planet benefits too. Their wide range of oils, creams and remedies can offer help with:

Skin problems such as rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, broken veins, sagging skin, lines, uneven skin tone, sensitivity to chemical additives or synthetic fragrances.

Neals Yard pure organic products are designed to bring out your natural radiance and give you smooth, glowing skin. Certain ranges and products are best for particular issues. You don't have to live with it. Just email me for guidance.

Health issues the chemical burden that we all live with can contribute to our ability to fight off viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Neals Yard offer convenient blends of superfoods and supplements for gut health, non-toxic cosmetics, deodorants and other grooming products, as well as essential oils blended to cleanse, protect, relax, energise or uplift you.

Environmental Concerns Neals Yard actively campaign to maintain our fragile eco-system, whether that's about withdrawing micro beads which pollute our water or banning pesticides which threaten the bee population. Their products are 100% vegetarian, certified cruelty-free, most are vegan and gluten-free and are sourced in a way that help to sustain indigenous populations and vital planetary resources.

They've won numerous awards including Best Fairtrade - Sustainable Brand, Best Eco-Friendly Brand and they support 'Say No to GMO' and 'Women for Women International' empowering women survivors of conflict and crisis to move to self-sufficiency. Their organic status is supprted both by EcoCert and the Soil Association and they were the first high-street retailer to be awarded a carbon neutral status.

Discover Your Skin Type

There are products for all types of skin, in many phases of life, so to help you choose the ones that are right for you, go to the Neals Yard skin care page which will guide you through.

Myth-buster - Oils aren't good for oily skin. Don't assume that an oil will feel oily on your skin. Many commercial products are made from mineral oils which can leave a coating on the skin surface. Neals Yard use plant oils such as baobab, macademia and hemp which sink in deeply and rapidly. It's tempting to strip oily skin with abrasive treatments but this can dry it out, encouraging the skin to produce more oil.

Different product formulations will nourish you more deeply and will feel differently on your skin, some light, some silky, some tightening, some nourishing. Just email for a sample.

Skin types include:

The Two Types of Ageing

Why do we age?

There are two types of ageing:

Intrinsic, which is affected by internal factors such as our genetic make up and extrinsic which is affected by external factors such as environmental pollution, stress, smoking, diet and sun damage. Luckily many of these are under our control and small changes to our lifestyle can help us retain our natural radiance.

When we're young we have a fast turnover of cells and as we age that tends to slow down, as does our production of collagen and elastin which give us plump, firm skin.

This slowing down can lead to thinner skin which means that capillaries become more visible, skin tone may become more uneven, pores may enlarge and skin can slacken and sag, especially around the eyes, cheeks and jaw.

Do you skip a vital skin care step? Many of us were brought up with the three-step mantra: 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' but this misses a vital step before you moisturise - which is treatment. Whether that's a daily treatment or a weekly treatment such as exfoliation or a nourishing and firming mask, it's an essential step to keep your skin in tip top condition.

If you've already spotted signs of ageing or you want to prevent them, the award-winning Frankincense range is specifically designed to help at each stage from fine lines to deeper wrinkles. It smoothes, firms and plumps, restoring your natural radiance.

Clinical Trials The latest additions in the Frankincense Intense range are able to penetrate where most moisturisers cannot reach - deep into the dermis of the skin where ageing begins, slowing collagen degradation and enhancing skin's suppleness.

For example the Frankincense Intense Concentrate has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles within 30 minutes and within 7 days it boosts the skin's plumpness, firmness and tone.

Click for trial results and before and after photos

Essential Oils - Health & Moods

Stressed? Down in the dumps? Under par? Need relaxation or inspiration?

Essential oils are distilled from plants, flowers and trees and have the same natural effect that they would have in nature, cleansing, protecting, relaxing our mind and uplifting our spirit. Oils affect our limbic brain via our olfactory nerves. This is often referred to as our brain's emotional centre, so they can have a rapid effect on our mood, especially if they're experienced in a vapour such as in a diffuser or a bath.

The curative properites of oils have been known about since ancient times and Eastern medicine is clear on the different actions of certain oils in terms of whether it stimulates our yin or our yang energy and even which organ it can support.

Neal's Yard offer oils both individually and in convenient blends with a specific focus such as De-Stress, Night Time, Organic Defence and Women's Balance. They also have roll on blends in bottles that you can roll on your pulse points such as when you need to study or when you're travelling.

You can deploy the oils in reed diffusers, pillow mists and room spray or in their range of aroma diffusers which all have a safety cut-off feature. The Liv aroma diffuser model is designed to be portable with a USB connection for ease of use on your desk or worktop.

Browse essential oils & diffusers

Natural Remedies & Supplements

throat sprayNeal's Yard began as an apothecary which specialised in natural herbal remedies and is still my 'go to' place if I'm not feeling great. As more of us awaken to the importance of prevention Neal's Yard now offer vitamins and supplements with a variety of aims.

In the inner support section you'll find supplements including vitamins, minerals and oils.

In the herbal remedies section are such things as herbal teas, natural throat sprays, arnica salves and calendula cream. It's a great place to find stock for your bathroom cabinet.

Browse the supplement and nutrition section

Mother and Baby

The time when our skin is at its most sensitive is when we're just born so Neal's Yard has a wonderful Mother and Baby range to ensure that no harsh chemicals are used and you have peace of mind.

From bathtime to mealtimes to bedtime, there something to ensure both of you feel purely pampered with massage oil and balms for mother and baby.

Browse the mother and baby range

Men's Skincare

Men are also becoming more aware of the need to avoid toxins and to take greater care of their health, so the Neals Yard men's range will answer all the grooming needs specific to men, including natural shaving products and handy bags with everything you need when you're on the go, whether that's to the gym or on the road.

Browse the men's skincare range

Joining Neals Yard

Would you like to learn more about natural health and beauty? You can become an Independent Consultant and spread the word while benefiting from regular online training as well as events all around the UK plus the solidarity of a caring network and the reputation of a trusted brand.

I currently have a lovely supportive team who are all interested in holistic health, from beauty and massage therapists to hairdressers and practitioners in nutrition, healing and the Emotion Code. If you'd like to talk it over please email and let's fix a time to chat.

You can see the current costs and what goodies you get in your starter pack online here

Available countries: The opportunity to be a consultant is currently available in UK & Ireland.

Neals Yard Catalogue

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Please browse the current online brochure here

Available countries: Orders can currently be made to delivery addresses in the UK & Ireland. Price lists are available in sterling and euros.

Browse the Neal's Yard online brochure

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'It's a rare woman who can overcome her desire to remain pretty and allow herself to become beautiful.'
Robert Brault

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