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Guidance Session
What's Next?

What area or issue do you tackle first? What's the most effective solution for your budget and timeframe? A holistic approach means you may need to rebalance more than one area of wellbeing before you achieve the result you want. This website is rich in resources to help you do that, yet it may be difficult to know where to start or what to prioritise. A guidance session can help to point you in the right direction:

  • What a Session Offers
  • My Promise
  • Book a Session
  • What a guidance session offers

    • a chance to talk through your situation - to be 'seen' and heardcompass
    • a safe, confidential space to get clear on your priorities
    • guidance as to the most appropriate solutions and how they can help
    • support with coming to difficult decisions
    • Bach remedy suggestions if appropriate
    • a fresh and experienced perspective
    • the session can cover the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of life
    • you'll get referrals to resources - this may include people, events, techniques, materials
    • you're welcome to bring up work issues - patterns and choices at work often impact other areas too
    • a short written summary - next step options and resource links will be followed up in writing
    • budgetary constraints will be taken into consideration, with short and long-term suggestions

    What is not offered in a guidance session

    A guidance session does not offer:

    • guidance on specific essences (except Bach flowers) Why not?
    • a personal reading or attunement - though we can clarify whether this is something that might help and, if so, which type of attunement would be best and the most appropriate timing
    • coaching - a guidance session is more of an overview to help you find the next step on your journey
    • products such as essences

    My Promise

    • You will have my full attention and conscious spiritual connection in a safe, confidential space
    • The benefit of my rich experience and access to very wide-ranging network of expert resources
    • The conversation and any suggestions will be guided from within
    • Some external resources are offered through affiliate schemes. Some are not. I will only offer resources in which I have faith and which are appropriate to your situation. Many resources were already recommended long before they offered affiliate schemes. This is not a major part of my income but it does assist in being able to offer you the most economical prices and is part of a circle of appreciation energy. If you ever have a negative experience with any referral or reccomendation please let me know.

    Book a guidance session and claim your reward

    diarySessions are offered on the phone or, if outside the UK, via audio-only Zoom Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting 9.30am - ending 6pm. Exceptionally it may be possible to offer Saturday between 10am-3pm depending on availability. Please email your availability and preferences with your booking. There is a space for this as you go through the paypal payment process or you can email separately.

    Cost: 45 GBP (approx 53 Euros or 62 USD) Duration: 40 minutes

    Reader Discount: If you're a newsletter reader please click the blue arrow above the Add to Cart button for the 5 GBP reader discount, which takes it down to 40 GBP.

    If you wish to receive the Spirit of Transformation newsletter (and you aren't yet on the mailing list) please click the opt-in box top left of this page. You will then be eligible for the reader discount.

    Whether you pay the standard or discounted amount you're still entitled to the 10 GBP reward after the session.

    Guidance Session - 40 mins