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Guidance From The White Brotherhood
Channeled by Ja'been and Nikki Wyatt in March 2008

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Connecting Heaven and Earth is about the connection between the realm of Spirit and that of the Earth on which you live. The words that we are currently speaking are accompanied by many hosts of angelic beings who are present also in the vicinity of these words being spoken, who are part of this initiative to bring this knowledge back down onto Earth so many may benefit from its healing wisdom that may restore balance to the people of the planet by restoring your connection to the essence of your being. This may be restored once you have received absolute clarity about your purpose in this incarnation. Your true sense of beingness may be restored with this knowing that you are here to perform a function which may be changing in different circumstance. For to fulfil your purpose, you must be able to switch your role from circumstance to circumstance.

The Relationship Between Ourselves and the Earth

The speed at which you may switch role is governed by your attunement to both your essence of your being, your spirit, and also your attunement to the energies of the Earth plane in which you are currently dwelling. For the energies of the Earth will vary according to the beings located there. The locality at which a particular being may be found, or even a particular species of plant, is governed by many factors, primarily, the being's function in that particular moment and when that function is complete they may be free to move to another locality. And this is seen in your wildlife also, which currently is ever changing, and there are some species which have been driven to what you would call extinction and yet they are merely in hibernation, for no seed of the Divine may be lost. It may only be stored away until the conditions favour its reappearance and it is the same for all of you, for no quality of the Divine may be lost or driven from existence, only buried deep within, to be reawoken at the right time when conditions favour this. Which is why it is necessary to place yourselves in the right circumstance to experience your varying qualities. Attunement to your essence and the varying aspects of your beingness is a rapid way in which you may reawaken all aspects of your being.

Becoming Whole

Q from Ja'been: If when we are in different localities we have particular function, particular qualities that come out from within us according to what is needed, what is the benefit of attuning to different aspects of consciousness to reawaken parts of us that have not been reawoken yet?

It will mean that you will become more whole, more complete, then from this many opportunities may arise. In such a state of beingness you hold great potential to be of service in any given moment.

We will talk now about the importance of attuning to your own inner nature, for through this all may be found and all else may be made manifest here on Earth. And there are many consequences to this, that as yet cannot be seen in your present state. As one being of light when you all stand as one, interconnected, by the common strand of light within. That which is connected to the Divine, is part of all that is. This, your true essence of light is the way forward for humanity; to attune to your own inner nature and through this to find your interconnectedness with all living things both plant, animal, other humans and minerals.

The Importance of Attuning

Flower essences are derived from the source of all things, so contain this spark, this seed of life, within them. However they contain only certain essences of life. They do not encompass the whole of consciousness. What we are seeking to do is unite all of consciousness with one another. Not simply parts of consciousness that you would currently desire and that would serve your need in this moment. For when you are whole and complete you have many elements at your disposal and you may be flexible in your approach, cumulative in your efforts to unite all beings. So what we are seeking to do is for you yourself to make this connection between all that is here on Earth and all that is in other realms, that which you may call heaven, and unite the two. And this is done through this essence of light within. For through this light you may attune to many/all beings, yet we say again, first you must attune to yourself. You may practice this exercise in sitting here reading these words. Practice this attunement, for when you are well practised with this you may attune to any part of consciousness instantaneously.

As you sit here, Nikki and Ja'been, you may attune to one another. Know yourself to be a part of one another and merge in consciousness in this way. And in this way you will be exchanging information, knowledge and feelings. You will be attuned to one another, you will work as one. You will know each other as a part of yourself. You will see no separation.

Q from Nikki: When you say attune to your inner nature, are you saying to attune to the part of yourself that is Divine, that is the same in each of us, or are you saying our own individual nature with our own individual gifts.

A: It is all the same, for we are all unique. Like a snowflake, it is made of one substance and yet each snowflake is unique.

How We Know Ourselves Through Our Choices

There are many aspects of consciousness that you may attune to and it is through this attunement that you may fully know yourselves. For it is in the choices that you make that you know yourself. One, for example, who chooses to attune to the angelic realm, is of an angelic nature, to make that choice. One who chooses to attune to the plants and animal kingdom has a strong affinity for that realm. One who, for example, chooses to attune to the White Brotherhood, is of that resonance and nature themselves. So we may learn much about ourselves through the choices that we make and you may attune to any aspect of consciousness and creation. What we are seeking to achieve through the words that we speak, the knowledge that we share, is to show you the way to decide which aspects of consciousness you would like to be attuned to and show you the way to do this. For you may be a part of the purity of God's light in all ways if you so choose and this is the choice we hope that you may make.

We wish to speak in summary on all that we have spoken of and also to add some new knowledge. For it is a time of awakening at present, a time of great change, a time when all that has previously been done in a particular way will change and it will be much simplified by the new knowledge, or the ancient knowledge that is coming in again, that is making itself known in various ways, including this. So it is a time when we may walk forward with greater ease. Where we do not need to struggle against the energies, the darkness that may be present within us and around us, for our lives are simplified by the light. By the light within. And this light within may be accessed at any time, at any point, through our own connection with the Divine. In this way the light is nourished, made stronger, made to shine brighter amongst the world which is often in darkness. Now this light may be nourished further by communing with other beings who are present on the planet who are well nourished themselves in this aspect, in the light that they hold. Which is why many do flock to Masters, Gurus. And yet this light is held in perfection in each aspect of creation that is unhampered by the consciousness of the collective. And this you will find amongst the kingdoms of plants, animals to a certain extent, although not entirely, for they are greatly affected by the energies of the collective although in essence, as with all beings, they hold the purity of their spirit. And yet they are still innocent in many respects, for they are not governed by free will as we are.

Attuning Effectively to the Realms of Nature

The plants in the natural kingdom are very much directed by God's will and of course they are affected by changes in climate, altitude, all these earthly factors and yet in their beingness they are not affected by our consciousness. They merely live within it. And whereas if you were to look at the behaviour of an animal, the closer contact that they have with humans, such as a cat or a dog, their behaviour will be greatly affected by the behaviour of their owners. So this is the difference that we are talking about. In the wild the natural kingdom is very much untouched by humans as the contact is minimal and the essence of creation remains untouched in this way. So when one is to attune to the natural kingdom it is important to choose which aspect to attune to for a plant in the wild will be different to a plant that is cultivated in a garden for example. And we believe that a plant in the wild retains all of its natural essence for it has not been tampered with by humans.

Take a walk on the wild side, we would recommend this and when you are communing with the wild and the free, you are taking in this energy within your being. When you are attuning to this energy, you are attuning to this essence within your being so it may be cultivated, brought to life. And you may be freed up within your own spirit instead of being cultivated, sent in a particular direction that may serve the needs of a few or the demands of a population that is governed by systems not created by the Divine. And the same goes for animals, for when you are attuning to the spirit of an animal, of a leopard for example, a leopard in the wilds of Africa will be different to one that is cultivated in a zoo. The consciousness will be different. In a zoo a leopard may feel frustrated and angry and in the wild it is free and it is governed by its instinct. The instinct that you are trying to connect with when you attune to it. And so it is the same as when you attune to a Master, you are attuning to a greater purity of light than if you were to attune to an old school friend, perhaps one you did not even like much. We are joking of course, for we would hope for you to love all beings, even if you do not like them.

Attuning Through Love

And this is another thing to mention, for there is a difference too, in attunement with love. For when you attune with love you are attuning with the essence of your being. And yet there is also attunement in varying ways. One of fear, and this may apply to an old school friend of whom you felt envious or perhaps you were a little frightened of them in some way. It is a different quality of attunement. And this is also why it is good to attune to the wild, or that which is untouched by man, for there is a different quality present. One which is not personalised by your experiences which may have happened as a result of being forced into a particular situation, for this is most unlikely if a being has been largely untouched by humanity that you would have had contact with it that was imposed on you, as it may have been with certain people or other beings around you.

If there is an element of fear with what you are attuning to, it is better that you do not attune and that you gather energy from other sources until you feel ready, until you feel able to attune with love. And so it is the same with people, if for example you have much negativity toward someone, it is best you keep a little distance and you first incorporate more love into your being and then you may approach that being with love and greater understanding for with that love you will see more. And so it is the same with all beings and all of consciousness.

The New Age

We would like to say a little more about the dawning of the New Age, the time when we will all live in peace and harmony with one another. This marks a time of major changes and awakening. Through this awakening much will be rediscovered, that which was previously hidden from our awareness, through the density of the Earth plane we have been living in. Although this knowledge has always lain present for us to find, it was not conducive to our purpose to rediscover it since it would have resulted in major shifts in consciousness that would affect the masses in ways we can not comprehend as yet. The collective consciousness is affected by all the knowledge that is known by the masses, that is localised in their awareness. Even knowledge that is in the awareness of a few does have affect on the collective in great ways. If the collective is not yet ready for such leaps of consciousness, then it may have a detrimental affect on the civilisation you are living in, to make knowledge known which was previously kept hidden from the masses.

Copyright Nikki Wyatt and Ja'been 2013 - All Rights Reserved. If you wish to reproduce or forward any part of this, please ensure that is properly credited and that there is link back to this page.

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