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Guidance From Toyaa
Channeled by Nikki Wyatt - The Karma Coach in 2010

Who Is Toyaa?

Toyaa is a guide who first connected with me on 28th January 2010. She appears in an indigo colour, since this colour creates a vibration which allows her connect most easily and because the information she has come to give is to be found on this colour ray. She tells me that the questions that I have are representative of many people on Earth at this time, so, whilst personal guidance is not appropriate, if you have a question for her that is of general interest please email and I will post her answer here.

The Importance of Vibration

Q: How can we manifest abundance most easily?

Abundance is here awaiting each of you, you simply need to open the door and allow it in. What can prevent you from opening the door are beliefs, mental constructs, memories, feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Q: What can help us when we feel unclear about our soul purpose?

A: You are on purpose when you feel your energy rise. You are not on purpose when you feel it fall; when you feel a heaviness of heart as you consider something. Many of you consider that your purpose is a line of work or a particular job. This is not so. Your purpose is to reach and maintain a vibration particular to you. You may need different stimuli and activities to help you vibrate in that way, such as a particular environment or auditory stimulus. Certain types of music or surroundings help you attain that. The company you keep, the thoughts you feel, the emotions stimulated by these things, all of this helps you to vibrate at the highest level of which you are capable. This is your purpose - to be a unique expression of Source energy.

Q: Do crystal and flower essences help with this?

A: Yes, because these are pure expressions of Source energy. So when we take them we sound that note in our energy field and this helps us to recognise this note in our vibrational make up. We may never have sounded it before or we may have done so but not had others react well to it, so we may have learned to mute it.

Q: Is it helpful to spend time with people we consider evolved such as Amma or St John of God?

A: Yes, this is the same principle. When you are in the presence of someone who holds a particular vibration, rather like a musical chord, your system will recognise it and begin to sound it for itself. This is true also of your surroundings. Natural phenomena which inspire you, which fill you with joy are having this same effect. A beautiful sunset is a vibrational symphony. When you are in creative flow you are in communication with Source. You are expressing Source through you when you create a picture, a vase, a poem, a website, a book, a song, a child, a garment or a meal. All these things are divine in origin and the more you can stay in flow the more easily you will create and the more you will become your own unique expression of Source.

Q: How do crystals work as healing energy?

A: Crystals act as amplifiers. They all emit particular vibrations - some quite a complex variety - and can amplify this to wash it through your energy field. Crystals are crystallised light. In the same way that water can turn to ice, different colour rays of light can turn into crystals, which vibrate at different light frequencies. If we want to be more aware of a particular frequency then we can carry a chosen crystal with us for a while. It is like choosing to listen to particular radio station - at an energetic level.

Q: Do crystals have an effect on us, even when we're asleep?

A: Yes, your energy field is always active during sleep - perhaps especially during sleep.

Q: I sense an increasing interest in crystals at the moment- why is this?

A: More people are now at a level of vibration to be able to connect to crystals and receive what they can give, so there is more awareness of the potential importance of crystals. You already know of the crystal skulls as a way of harnessing large amounts of information and knowledge from previous civilisations but even small crystals carry information from the Earth, if you know how to tune in to it. The Earth transmits constantly to you all but it is hard for many of you to receive her signals and messages as many of you do not put yourself in a position to receive.

Q: Why is being hydrated important?

A: At a physical level many cellular interactions need water for optimal function. At an energetic level water carries light and information into your energy field. It is a carrier of cosmic information. Water has no boundaries. It can become crystalline in the form of ice and travel in this form around galaxies as meteors of frozen ice. As these land on Earth the ice crystals dissolve and the information contained therein flows into the Earth's water network to be distributed among your people. Those who are clear receivers can take in this new information. This is why many people have a 'lightbulb' moment on different parts of the planet and make the same important connection at the same time. This is also why it's important to keep your inner and outer environment as pollution free as possible if you wish to learn and evolve.

There is so much about water that Earth people have yet to discover. It is liquid light and can become crystalline light. It brings cleansing, new beginnings and fresh inspiration. Bathing in pure water brings more than physical cleanliness. With correct intention it can increase outer and inner connection many fold. This is why you find it easiest to connect to us in your Pi Mag™ shower and bath! (this is somewhat embarassing - but true! Nikki)

Copyright Nikki Wyatt 2013 - All Rights Reserved. If you wish to reproduce or forward any part of this, please ensure that it is properly credited and that there is link back to this page.

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'The longing for light is the longing for consciousness.' Carl Jung

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