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What People Ask

'A day wasn't long enough - I could have played all weekend.' Constantina

How many people can play the Transformation Game at a time?

The normal board game can accommodate up to four, which would require two days to play or a one day Game can be played with two or three players. To ensure that you receive maximum benefit Nikki prefers to keep the time/player ratio low.

Can I play with my partner?

Certainly. It can be very illuminating to play with your partner and the game provides a safe space to share and to deepen intimacy and appreciation which can enrich your relationship. In that case, playing with a third person isn't recommended. If, however, you feel you are not ready to open up over a specific issue with your partner, perhaps consider playing with other people initially.

How do I join a Game if I want to take 'potluck' on who I play with?

Just contact Nikki with your preferred dates, times and locations and she will put your preferences out on her network of interested players. As soon as there is a match she will let you know. You can also ask to go on the mailing list to hear of upcoming Game dates and Workshop events.

I am thinking of buying the Game (or I already have the Game) - What's the added value of playing with a facilitator?

The commercially available box game has very reduced and simplified rules to enable it to be played within a day without a facilitator. A facilitator is trained to have a very deep understanding of the Game with much more expanded rules that take it back to its original roots and enable the Game to reflect your life in all its complexity. An experienced facilitator creates a safe, confidential and neutral space for you to explore your issues and understand your Game intention. You are therefore able to dig much deeper and create much greater insights and shifts. The facilitator will guide, support and probe when necessary to help you tease out the truth of any situation and allow you to concentrate on your own journey whilst they keep track of where everybody is and what options are available at any given time. It is an entirely different experience to playing the box rules with friends and whilst providing joy and fun, it is much closer to inspirational and empowering self-exploration than a board game.

It seems a long time to play, won't I get bored?

The Transformation Game is very involving and can become quite complex. Every decision you make has a consequence that can affect all of us, including people who are not actually playing. For this reason it requires a high level of concentration. In addition, each player's turn can involve the other(s) who can choose to participate or not. Although this is a common question, players are usually amazed how quickly the time passes and often disappointed when they realise we are on the last roll of the di - usually there is a chorus of disappointed groans at the words 'Last roll, Ladies and Gentlemen, please!'. Many players say they would have liked to have played all weekend and lots of them book to play again.

I have two issues, which one should I play on?

Notice which of them comes most to the surface in the days leading up to the day of the game. Sometimes they can be different aspects or layers of the same core issue and the link is not obvious. You can also bring both of them with you to the game. There is plenty of time given for the sharing of Game purposes and a final meditation to ensure you are playing with the one that is most significant for you right now. You may find that during the Transformation Game the link between the two becomes clear, you may finish playing on the first purpose and have time to play the other, or you may decide to come back after a month or so and play the second purpose.

How often can I play?

As often as you wish. However, it's recommended that you give time for the first Game to be integrated into your life and for you to implement the changes you decide upon. Taking the insights from the Transformation Game into everyday life is an important step and some time is needed to see the results and look at things from a new perspective.

How involved do I become with the other player(s)?

As in life, you become as involved through the game as you choose to be. Some players involve themselves very little with others, some players take every opportunity to include others in their choices and their games become very interwoven. As in life there is no wrong or right - just choices and consequences. The part you are encouraged to share is your support, understanding and your insights regarding the other players' Game - though again, this is voluntary and you are always asked if you yourself are open for feedback.

Do I have to participate in everything?

No. If another player chooses a particular action which involves you, you are always free to choose not to participate; you decide on your own boundaries.

Do I have to believe in anything to play?

The Transformation Game does not require you to have any belief system. It was conceived within a belief system that does not have any particular label and is not based on a particular religion, but rather on a way that the universe is percieved to operate. If angels aren't up your street, then consider them personal qualities or strengths. If God isn't part of your world then consider that to stand for Game Overall Director! If, on the other hand, your spiritual beliefs are important to you, you will find they are supported by the Game. This can be a framework to explore what your beliefs actually are, about how your life works and who is your Game Overall Director. It does help if, at least for the duration of the Transformation Game, you can stay open to new ideas.

Do I need anything to be able to play?

All you need is an open mind. The game is just like life, the more enthusiasm and commitment you bring to it, the more you will get back from it. It is capable of instigating real change if you commit to following through. As someone once said: Life is a Game, play as if your life depends on it - because it does!

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'Whatever the reasons, we do not pursue emotional development with the same intensity with which we pursue physical and intellectual development. This is all the more unfortunate because full emotional development offers the greatest degree of leverage in attaining our full potential'. Bill O'Brien.

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