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What the players say

Transformation Game'It completely exceeded my expectations. I feel I have made a real breakthrough.' Fran

'I've played the Transformation Game twice and have achieved a clarity of intention, vision and focus not accessible through other mediums. What I've understood is that the same blocks occur for me in all areas of life and that once I come to awareness about these I'm able to recognise them as they come up and choose to transform them. Nikki's extraordinary qualities of sensitivity and compassion make her a catalytic angel. I highly recommend the Game and her!' Geraldine

'It was a very safe, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere. I could open up to new awareness and a different perspective.' Alan

'The Game was even better than I expected. It transcended everything I thought it would be and I got exactly what I hoped for and some extra as well.' Kathy

'Participating in the Game allowed me to be reminded how often I may not live in the moment. In the months following the Game I have been more successful in living in the now. As a result, I'm more aware of my surroundings and the people in it. My Game intention was to attract a life partner and now I've met completely new guys and realised how much I actually like the guys I already know....but I didn't even think about it before!' Sarah

'Going along for The Transformation Game was my 40th birthday present for myself. It helped me use this natural reappraisal time to get clearer about taking a new direction in my work, and a year later I have started a new business with a partner to offer a new service for employers and women that I truly believe in' Anna

'It surpassed any ideas I had of the Game and went far deeper than I had expected. I'm now able to truly see that all the time I'm hiding my gifts of healing I'm hiding them from those who would benefit from them too. I see for the first time how my actions impact on others and now I understand how we're all interconnected, something I've not fully experienced before. In the silence of this realisation I became aware that my life is actually reflecting my relationship with God, the Oneness, Source, whatever the words are for this field of awareness, and this is where words cannot describe the peace that followed this train of thought....this thought that started with the roll of a dice on Saturday morning.' Honorine

'One game and I was able to commit to a new, more fulfilling career.' Petra

'I feel today has catapaulted me forward.' Marina

'I do feel as if I have a totally different outlook on my life at present and feel a lot more at peace with myself. I did my writing this morning and it is amazing how quiet my head feels. I can actually get some work done and feel more focused. You have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing it with us. Jane

'I found the game really insightful and, well, transforming!' Sue

'I wanted to release my blocks to success and within a month I had returned to the work I love.'Dorothy

'I gained the insight and information I needed to move forwards.' Eric

'My experience of the Game went far beyond my expectations.' Carolyn

'I very much liked your style of being grounded and confident yet maintaining sensitivity.' Simon

'A day wasn't long enough - I could have played all weekend.' Constantina

'Magical and transforming work. I so enjoyed it and your facilitation was very good indeed - I still refer to my notes.'Michelle

'A wondrous experience.' John

'It's a serious tool for inspiring change. It surpassed expectations, I got very valuable insights and practical ideas.' Bill

'The feeling of safety that Nikki created was essential for me to be able to relax and go with the Game as openly as possible. I played in a place of sanctuary.' Kath

'My husband was able to listen and hear. We were able to reach deeper levels without argument or disagreement.' Marina

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'Before you begin to change the world, walk three times through your own house.' Chinese proverb

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