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How do I play?

Transformation GameLife Path

The Game begins as the Players seat themselves around the Game board. The board has four identical Life Paths mapped out on it and you will be seated in front of yours. Each life path contains the same options. What will make the difference is your intention, your choices and what you decide to do with any pain or awareness that you accumulate.

Playing Focus

Each player in turn explains and commits to their personal Playing Focus, for example, 'I intend to gain insight on how I can clear stress associated with my job' or 'I intend to determine how I can increase my financial prosperity'. For more examples please go to Game Intentions, Issues and Outcomes

Unconscious Envelope

Each player has a personal Unconscious Envelope which they then fill (without looking) from three of the four card decks by rolling a di, while holding their attenton on the focus they're bringing to the Game. These card decks include:

Your personal strengths, called Insights, for example:


Your personal challenges, called Setbacks, for example:


And then your inner qualities, called Angels, for example


The message from this Angel is: 'Face what is in front of you squarely and fearlessly. Discover the truth held in your heart and act on it.' (From the Angel Book by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.)

You are now ready to be born and start on your Life Path. All Players begin in the Source in the centre of the board and you roll the di until you land on an Angel Square when you are 'born' into the Game. At this point you draw your Guardian Angel from your Personal Unconscious Envelope and you are given your first, Physical Level Scorecard.Your path can take you through four levels: Physical (red), Emotional (orange), Mental (yellow) and Spiritual (purple). Keep in mind that your personal breakthrough could come at any level, it all depends on your Focus.

Your Life's Journey - Moving Through the Levels

As you move through the levels you are processing cards from your Unconscious Envelope and dealing with whatever comes up for you. As you roll the di you can land on any one of eleven Life Squares on your path including Service, Depression, Appreciation, Blessings, Angels, Setbacks, Insights, Transformation and Miracle which may bring with them tokens representing both pain and awareness. On certain squares you can test your Intuition and exercise your Free Will choice with clear, and sometimes dramatic, consequences. As you make your choices on each square you gradually empty and process the cards in your Unconscious Envelope, thereby working through the Setbacks that may be blocking you from resolving your issue using the Insights and Angels to help you shift perspective and clarify new solutions and directions, so you get back into the flow.

Transformation GamePain and Awareness

Pain in the Game is released using Awareness, which you gain through Insights, Appreciation and being of Service. As you track your decisions behaviour patterns can become very obvious. For example one Player landed on Depression three times in six hours and was 'rescued' by the other Player twice. The third time she refused to be rescued and decided to really look at the patterns that had led her into pain. On her next turn the light bulbs came on and she had a huge shift in understanding and commitment to a new direction. She then threw the di and landed on a Miracle! The other Player also decided to stop rescuing others and start supporting herself more.

Your Game is over when you have emptied your Unconscious Envelope, released any pain you may have and filled your Spiritual Level scorecard. It is rare to finish in a day, so a time is set at the start when you will stop rolling the di. Like life, finishing is unimportant - it is how you play the Game that matters.

It is at this point you review your Game and move into a Next Step Process. The Game review can provide a lot of Insights. Which level did you spend most time on? For example a Player whose Focus was to release blocks to expressing her Creativity spent most of her Game on the Physical Level. It turned out the key to her block was changing her nutrition. This enabled her to come off anti-depressants, get in touch with her natural vitality and she has now started a painting course. What stops you moving up a level? For one overly giving player whose scorecard overflowed with awareness it was the lack of a Service token. When he landed on the Service Square and was finally able to say 'I choose to serve myself', he moved up not one level but two.

Closing the Game - Next Steps

After the review there is a 'Next Step' process, whereby you clarify the immediate actions required to achieve your Playing Focus. This can be a small step or a large one and you are asked to nominate a support person to ensure you follow up. For you it may be making a phone call, having a 'difficult' conversation, sharing a secret, enrolling on a course, making an appointment to see a financial adviser or updating your CV. Whatever your steps may be, you will leave with the energy to stop procrastinating and feeling stuck and with resources to act for change.

Every Game is as unique as your life, with all the tears, love, laughter, healing, tenderness and fun that that can involve. Why wait to change?

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'Something we were witholding made us weak. Until we found it was ourselves'. Robert Frost.

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