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Game Issues

How do you make choices - Intuition or Free Will

I'm often asked how the Transformation Game helps us and the simplest answer is by the way it reflects our life back to us. The Game forms a structure which reflects some of the most important Universal Laws of life. So when we play, our game reflects the consequences of choices we have yet to make in a kind of 'virtual reality'.

This time, let's consider choice. How do you make your choices in your life? Do you toss a coin, wave a pendulum, talk the options over with a friend or make a list of the pros and cons? (And then torture yourself going over them in your head at night?) The two squares on the Game board which deal most directly with choice are Free Will and Intuitive Flash. If an aspect of your growth involves how you make choices, you're likely to land on these many times through a Game until you have seen how these operate for you. My own experience is that some of us are more comfortable making choices from our Free Will and some from our Intuition. It depends which part of us is given most authority around decision making. It may also depend on the issue you are playing on. Some of us are happy to leave certain matters in the hands of our Intuition but feel other areas require use of our Will. The greater the conflict between these two parts of ourselves, the more we procrastinate and the more paralysed we become. So next time you play the Game (or your life), take a look at which part of you is making the decisions effectively - and if there's conflict, (your Intuition says one thing and your Will says another) then some inventive inner dialoguing can break the cycle. Oh, and in case you think you can just say 'pass' in life, don't forget that the Game always offers the option not to decide - and you get feedback on that decision too!

Surprise Outcomes

The latest testimonial I received for the Game runs "Going along for The Transformation Game was my 40th birthday present for myself. It helped me use this natural reappraisal time to get clearer about taking a new direction in my work, and a year later I have started a new business, Managing Maternity, with a partner to offer a new service for employers and women that I truly believe in" Anna

I can still remember Anna's surprise at her Game outcome; the last thing she expected was a business idea! But that's the beauty of the Game and of Life - we start with an intention and what we end up with might look nothing like what we imagined but it fulfils our intention exactly.

Time and again I hear of enormous changes after a Game. Sometimes they happen very quickly - even during the Game itself - and sometimes they are small changes which result in a very different outcome a year down the line.

One memorable moment of almost instant manifestation happened for someone whose Game intention was around her current relationship. As she moved along her Game Life Path she realised that one of her blocks was an old relationship. She still had a lot of furniture from the time they'd shared a home together stored in a garage nearby and she realised this symbolised the old ties she hadn't quite severed. For six months she'd been trying unsuccessfully to get a skip to clear it all but delivery was always cancelled or postponed. As she landed on a Miracle Square she knew that she was ready to say goodbye, so she did a short meditation visualising cutting the final ties.

As she passed the di to the next player the doorbell rang. Rather surprised, as she wasn't expecting anyone, she opened the door. Standing there was a man asking 'where shall we put your skip?' He must still be wondering why everyone gasped and then fell about laughing!

Another surprising outcome was someone whose intention was around opening up to his spirituality. He felt he had no one in his circle whom he could explore this with. On every level of the Game he was faced with setbacks around unspoken resentment and he revealed that he really disliked his boss but had never asserted himself with him. By the third similar setback he was laughing about it and, whilst he couldn't see the connection to his intention, he really committed to standing up for himself.

On his first day back at work after the Game the situation came to an immediate head. He changed his usual passive-aggressive reaction and took a firm stand. Result? His boss handed in his resignation and left within days. The connection? The following week his new boss arrived who, outside the work sphere, turned out to be a regular at men's retreats and has since been a companion in spiritual exploration.

Many of us come to the Game when we really want to make a leap of faith but we'd like confirmation of our decision or more of an idea what the journey would look like - a kind of roadmap. Others want to rehearse the consequences of taking a particular path in virtual reality - something the Game is so good for.

Why not book your surprise? Book a Game to journey through your Life.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it." Sophia Bedford-Pierce

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