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Are You A Secret Healer?
Check for tell-tale signs

Getting ready to be seen

  • Have you often felt a bit different somehow, as if you didn't fit in?
  • Have you always been rather sensitive to changes in the weather and news of global disasters?
  • Do you react strongly to bright lights, loud noises and crowds?
  • Were you bullied or 'left-out' at school?
  • Do you instinctively not want to eat meat or have a sensitivity to dairy products?
  • Do you sometimes find it hard to speak up for what you believe in or need?
  • Are you almost painfully aware of other people's reactions and feelings?
  • Do you have a history of throat problems?
Well, I've just described the typical symptoms what I think of as a 'secret healer'.

I have met many clients with the above traits which all indicate a sensitive energy system. This is a very necessary qualification for a healer or energy worker, but not well-adapted to deal with the physical and energetic pollution we're now finding in our daily life. The more sensitive our system the more brutal we can find our urban age with all its technological advances, Media violence, GM and microwaved food, electrosmog and a 24/7 lifestyle divorced from Nature's seasons and cycles. If you do have a sensitive energy system which is easily disrupted then you're likely to show physical symptoms such as migraine, sleep disturbances, depression, irritability, mood swings, hormone imbalance and weight gain.

How Karmic Memory Affects Us

I decided on the title 'Karma Coach' because, after years of tracing physical symptoms, emotional reactions and behavioural patterns, they all find a source in our own memory bank. Whether we think of it as past lives or ancestral memory is a matter of personal choice, but my observations tell me that those of us with the above symptoms carry strong memories of lives spent as healers of some kind. Whether we were called herbalists, witches, shamans, alchemists, wise-women, monk or hermit is not important - the point is that the career prospects weren't great! Those lifetimes usually ended painfully in front of a jeering mob and have left us with strong unconscious fears of 'coming out' with our karmic healing gifts.

Releasing Karmic Fear

We're often quite happy to develop a talent for music, art, sports or languages inherited by just the same mechanism. However, sculpting and lute-playing didn't generally carry the threat of betrayal, torture and and the smell of burning flesh. So competing for Young Musician of the Year often requires overcoming less karmic fear than challenging the government's policy on complementary therapies, with the drugs lobby in the role of the Spanish Inquisition!

Karmic Fear is a wonderful karmic essence blend for fear and one I often give to clients in a healing session. It's quite easy to know when this pattern is being released, as I feel freezing cold and often see flashbacks of memories as they're released. What are your healing gifts? Many of us who have come in with strong healing memories are also being asked to use those healing gifts now, as the planet is in great need of them. If you haven't already found a way to do so and you're unsure what arena you can express yours in, then look at what work you've chosen to do. It's often a clue. Are you already working in a 'caring profession' as a nurse, therapist or social worker? Do you love gardening or cookery, which might indicate a history of herbalism? Are you in the communications field as a writer, film-maker, artist or actor? Then find a way to 'come out' and integrate your gifts with the skills you've developed in this lifetime. Nurses and therapists can give hands on healing, gardeners can make flower essences, cooks can train as nutritionists, actors can shape public-thinking with socially significant roles, writers can awaken interest in holistic approaches to healing and lifestyle.

Helpful Karma

This is where working with karma really helps you, as learning is easy because the memories come back as an intuitive knowing. A great deal will be clear to you without you needing to sit down and study until 3 a.m.

How Wallflower supports you

This is also where Wallflower essence in a personal remedy blend can be so helpful. As we move closer to our 'old' profession, some of these fears can surface, though we may experience them as stress and put them down to the strain of retraining later in life or financial concerns (which are very real considerations) but often if we dig deeper, they are ways our emotional memory is trying to stop us from repeating painful experiences. Our emotional body doesn't operate under the illusion of linear time, so the memory of persecution in the fourteenth century is as real now as it was then; even if this time the role is taken by our over-critical editor, boss, public or clients.

Wallflower essence asks us to 'stick our head above the parapet'. The flamboyant and colourful flower radiates its beauty and draws our attention. It allows us to be seen for who we really are and to be comfortable with that. It puts us back in touch with our inner rhythms, gives us poise and confidence in social situations and when dealing with officialdom. It resonates with the wound of the wounded healer infusing us with the ability to express ourselves, which so often has been an issue in the past when we had to keep our healing knowledge secret. It allows us to be steadfast, feel inwardly secure and release the pattern of feeling both hopeless and homeless. We call people wallflowers for a reason - our language often reflects ancient wisdom - 'wallflowers' feel socially excluded, lacking in confidence and as if they don't fit in.

When do we need it?

This may be a pattern we are quite unaware of until we try and 'come out' with our healing gifts. We may normally be confident and comfortable in our work but this pattern comes up when we try and take the next big step into being 'seen'; maybe we have our first book published or we start a healing course or we qualify as a complementary therapist and it's the moment to start practicing for real. Interestingly on a physical level Wallflower essence helps our digestion, which is often the first thing to get upset when we feel anxious.

Exploring Further

If you're an intuitive person and you want to explore your traits from a past-life perspective, you could investigate the Cathars in Southern France. They ate no meat or dairy and were brutally massacred. If your issue is feeling excluded or not fitting in, it could be memories of being part of any number of religious minorities, although druids were especially fond of social exclusion as a form of punishment.

Personal Attunement Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may also consider Speak Your Truth or Stability, Clarity and Protection or Past Life Release Transformation Blends

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