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Nikken Product Clearance

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  • Magcreator - Massage Wand
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  • 10% off clearance products: while stocks last

    • Looking for ways to stay well and improve energy levels?

    Many of today's chronic health problems are actually symptoms of magnetic field deficiency. Our modern lifestyles can disconnect us from the Earth's stabilising magnetic field, the nourishing far infrafred rays of the sun and the relaxing negative ions of the air.

    These natural elements are deficient in environments with a lot of deflecting metal such as cars, planes and modern buildings, as well as atmospheres full of electrosmog, such as rooms with computers, cordless phones and microwaves. Suggestions to increase your exposure to healthy magnetic field, ionics and far infra red include taking regular breaks in nature, particularly woodland and going barefoot whenever possible. Turn off your wifi and microwave at the wall whenever possible and use LAN connectors for your wifi devices.

    Watch a short video about Nikken's magnetic breakthrough and how they're incorporated it into easily usable products

    • 10% Off Magcreator - Deep Relaxing Massage for Humans and Animals
    The Nikken MagCreator is designed to roll fluidly down the spinal column and soothe tired, tense muscles. Its structural bearings and stainless steel shaft are engineered to produce a continuous rolling action from the shoulders to the lower back, maximizing the effect that a back massage provides. The MagCreator features:
    • Internal magnets which simulate the Earth’s natural magnetic field that has protected human health for millennia
    • Superior stainless steel construction - it weighs in at 2.9kg
    • It has a balanced bearing housing and comfortable handgrips
    • The surface nodules add an extra level of stimulation, like a deep massage
    • The internal ball bearings decrease rolling resistance for a smooth feel.
    • Using the MagCreator results in back and muscles feeling refreshed and revitalized helping to relax the entire body

    Magcreator Prices

    • Magcreators are usually £118 down to £106.20+ free UK shipping

    How to Order

    • To order visit the Nikken website Choose Rest and Relaxation then Magcreator
    • They are already shown at the offer price on the website

    Watch a horse receiving a massage with the Magcreator

    Read how chiropractor Dr Brad Nelson uses the Magcreator to release cellular memory in the Emotion Code

    Browse Products

    Browse the brochure for the current product range

    (products only - no prices - see website for discounted UK prices)

    How to order in the UK with the clearance discount

    All the above products are available to order online The prices displayed on the Nikken website already reflect the discount.

    How to Order Nikken Products - Outside the UK

    If you live outside the UK, please use this international website link to order. It accepts most cards except American Express.

    • You can get the product code (s) and prices from the price list link - prices are quoted in Euros.
    • Please quote my name: Nikki Wyatt and ID number 18619901 on the online order form
    • The order form asks for your customer ID. If it's your first order, you won't have one, so leave this field blank.
    • The order form asks for shipping costs. You'll find these on the shipping link. If your country isn't there, please email Nikken to ask for a quote.

    For orders in the USA please email me for an order form or email Vanessa Francis in the USA or call using her Nikken Contact Details

    N.B. Offers may vary between countries. Some products available in Europe may not be available in the USA but generally speaking, Nikken USA offers a wider range.

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    'I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.'
    Henry David Thoreau