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Next Nikken Events - South East

Next Event - South East

Online Business Presentations

Nikken: Creating Life in Balance

Please watch this short video to get an idea of a company founded in 1975 that's always had ideas ahead of its time. Nikken is passionate about natural drug-free wellness, superb quality sleep, a nutritious organic diet, energised, alkaline water and pure skincare. All this within a friendly community connected worldwide who support each other's vision for an abundant and meaningful life.

Next Wellness Event - Build a Healthy Business
10 November - Brighton, East Sussex

Would you like a new level of health and energy? You're invited to experience Nikken's ground-breaking technologies. It's an interactive event, so please be ready to participate if you'd like to feel the changes in your energy!

If you join us on the day you'll find out why the technologies are so supportive of your physical and spiritual wellbeing and you'll hear about Nikken's inspiring founding vision of the five pillars of health. You can also discover how that could fit into your own life to bring better balance.

You're welcome to come whether you already have Nikken products or if you'd simply like to find out what the technologies can do for you and your loved ones. There's no obligation to stay for the business presentation later on if that's not of interest. That may be the ideal time to try out the sleep system:)!

Get a Taster of a Nikken Wellness Home and Work Place

Find out why water is the key to health and why we don't drink enough of it, although we know we should. Then consider the options for affordable healthy drinking water. You'll be able to enjoy the eco-friendly, easily absorbable ph balanced Nikken Pi Mag water throughout the event and breathe pure, refeshing air. You'll also:

  • learn how to improve the quality of your sleep and have more energy throughout the day
  • learn ways to reduce stress and improve fitness
  • experience the magnetic jewellery
  • sample the pure organic nutritionals and skin care
  • enjoy an introduction to a business opportunity which helps you and others to experience greater physical and financial wellbeing. Read about consultant benefits.
This event is for you if:

  • you're feeling tired or have frequent discomfort - sometimes using the technologies during the event can be enough to already notice a significant difference

  • you'd like to consider options for protecting you and your family from EMFs and wireless technology - particularly children and pets.

  • you'd like to find a solution to poor quality sleep so you wake up refreshed and alert.

  • you'd like to see their unique shampoo containing bentonite clay for a really healthy scalp and hair.

  • you'd like to try pure mineralised PH balanced Pi Mag Water and other water accessories such as a shower head and bottle to live life fully charged and hydrated.

  • you'd like to try pure organic nutritionals - particularly if you're looking for unique supplements needed for bone health now or in later life.

  • you've read 'The Emotion Code' and you'd like to see the Magduo and Magcreator which Dr Brad Nelson uses, as well as other magnetic options.

  • you're committed to fitness. Learn how these technologies reduce your recovery time.

  • you'd like to lower your stress levels, feel more centred, relaxed and resilient.

  • you'd like to hear about some excitng new products which will be available to order at a special launch discount exclusively to those attending the event

  • you'd like to share these holistic technologies with others. You'd be creating a healthy income whilst helping others and supporting your own life goals - and you can meet the friendly dynamic team you'd be working alongside.

  • you'd like a healthy nibble, an energy boost, a guest gift,and a chance to win some of the free giveaways!

Venue & Directions

Timing: Registration from 9.30am. Please arrive with time get settled with any products you'd like to experience before the presentations start at 10am. The day concludes at 5pm. There will be a break for lunch. There are free refreshments through the day and a bar in the hotel.

Venue: Jury's Inn Brighton

Book your guest ticket: Please book your free guest ticket on this link or email for more details

Nearest Station: Jurys Inn is a four minute walk from Brighton mainline railway station. Exit via walkway near Platform 8 which leads towards the back of the station. Walk straight ahead for five minutes and you'll see Jury's Inn on your right.

Parking: The nearest car park is Southern Railway Parking at Brighton Station.

Sunday Sequel If you're interested in the business model and would like to follow up, there will be a Q & A session with Ben Woodward (see below) and a walk and talk on Sunday morning November 11.

Brighton Wellness Event Hosts

Ben Woodward - Ben's experience spans the areas of marketing, training, and sales management, honed on the front lines of businesses from startups all the way to multibillion-dollar organizations.

Formerly President of Nikken, he stepped down in 2016 and is now building a business as an independent Nikken consultant, giving him more flexibility to spend time with his growing family.

His dynamic brand of leadership continues to inspire and motivate a global audience toward a balanced lifestyle and entrepreneurial success.


Special Guest - Mike DiMuccio: Leader Canada

Mike DiMuccio Mike launched Nikken in Canada after discovering that Nikken's magnetic pad called the Magflex resolved a back problem that his chiropractor, GP and physio couldn't sort out between them.

As an entrepreneur he knew he needed to get help with spreading the word about these wonderful Japanese technologies that offered drug-free relief, so he got in touch with his key business contacts and together they began to build a network that flourishes across Canada today.

Mike will be joining us in person from Canada, sharing his expertise and taking questions.


Louise Coe - A very experienced Nikken consultant who leads a large UK team, Louise has a wealth of training in the Nikken technologies and has particular expertise in the areas of water and sleep, as well as the harmful effects of wifi.

Louise is also a fengshui practitioner, who has trained in Inner Alignment with Denise Linn. so that she's able to help people create healthy nurturing homes.


Nikki Wyatt - A marketing consultant and wellbeing writer, Nikki has a team of consultants around the UK and the USA and loves to help others discover greater financial and physical, wellbeing.

Nikki is also a vibrational medicine practitioner and has shared the Nikken products for over 15 years. Having used the products to recover from chronic health challenges herself, she was inspired to help other people to reduce their toxic burden and create a greater level of wellness and vitality without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Book your guest ticket: Please book your free guest ticket on this link or email for more details

Would You Like a Quick Intro? Find Out More In Your Lunchbreak - 30 Minute Online Presentations with Q & A

Would you like to hear about how this business works from the convenience of your home or desk - no pressure or commitment? On Tuesdays at 12.30 GMT there's a 30 minute live presentation by my mentor, Nikken's former president Ben Woodward, and a chance to ask questions.

Perfectly timed for a UK lunch break or a morning commute in New York, Mexico, Peru or Toronto. Just email for call details.

There are regular Nikken Events all over the world, where the opportunity is available in 18 countries. Just email to find out what's on where you live.

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