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Next Nikken Events - South East

Next Event - South East

Online Business Presentations

Nikken: Creating Life in Balance

Watch this short video to get an idea of a company founded in 1975 that's always had ideas ahead of its time. Nikken is passionate about natural drug-free wellness, superb quality sleep, a nutritious organic diet, energised, alkaline water and pure skincare. All this within a friendly community connected worldwide who support each other's vision for an abundant and meaningful life.

Next Wellness Event - Build a Healthy Business
Thursday 5 July 6-9pm - Hove, West Sussex

Would you like to be your own boss in a supportive network? Are you good at building teams? Is your working life meaningful and does it bring you the potential benefits of growth, travel, fun, appreciation and sociability? Do you get a chance to pass on your skills and knowledge to others?

If you're looking for an enjoyable way to grow outside your current possibilites by building a part-time or full-time business offering holistic approaches to health, then please join us for an informal evening presentation and discussion.

I started working as a Nikken consultant 13 years ago and I love the freedom of working for myself and being my own boss. The way the business is structured allows me to do that part-time or full-time to whatever level suits me - locally or globally, face to face or online - it's also been easy to integrate it with my existing self-employed work. There are no targets and no pressure. I set my own pace, formulate my own goals and decide how much time and money I want to invest, tailored to my circumstances. Best of all, I get to choose who I work with.

My achievements are generously rewarded and acknowledged in a field which has found its time. People are increasingly disillusioned with the pharmaceutical approach to healthcare as well as looking for a sustainable income, especially into later life. I'm having a lot of fun making friends along the way whilst helping many more people than I could do working one to one.

The income allows me to continue my practitioner and research work whilst keeping costs really affordable. It means I can make a positive impact on my family, my community and our planet. I can even pass my Nikken business on to the next generation. It has been a doorway to adventure and global travel; a path of personal growth that constantly encourages me to embrace leadership and attract a network of like-minded self-aware people in a framework of mutual support.

If you'd like to take a look and see if it could be for you now or in the future, I hope you'll join us.

Wellness Event Hosts

Ben Woodward - Ben's experience spans the areas of marketing, training, and sales management, honed on the front lines of businesses from startups all the way to multibillion-dollar organizations.

Formerly President of Nikken, he stepped down in 2016 and is now building a business as an independent Nikken consultant, giving him more flexibility to spend time with his growing family.

His dynamic brand of leadership continues to inspire and motivate a global audience toward a balanced lifestyle and entrepreneurial success.


Louise Coe - A very experienced Nikken consultant who leads a large UK team, Louise has a wealth of training in the Nikken technologies and has particular expertise in the areas of water and sleep, as well as the harmful effects of wifi.

Louise is also a fengshui practitioner, who has trained in Inner Alignment with Denise Linn. so that she's able to help people create healthy nurturing homes.


Nikki Wyatt - A marketing consultant and wellbeing writer, Nikki has a team of consultants around the UK and the USA and loves to help others discover greater financial and physical, wellbeing.

Nikki is also a vibrational medicine practitioner and has shared the Nikken products for over 13 years. Having used the products to recover from chronic health challenges herself, she was inspired to help other people to reduce their toxic burden and create a greater level of wellness and vitality without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


Hove Wellness Event Details

Date: Thursday 5th July Time: 6-9pm.

Business Presentation & Training 6-7pm for new & current Nikken Consultants

For more information:
email Nikki Wyatt or call her on 01273 773324.

Contact Details

Call Nikki : 01273 77 33 24 Mon - Fri (except Thursdays) 9.30 - 6pm. The answering service is regularly checked.

Email: info@spiritoftransformation.com
or Louise Coe: betterwaterforlife@gmail.com

For enquiries after 4pm on the day of the event please email or call the person who invited you or Louise: 07747 468167

Can't Make This Date?

Next Date: Thursday August 2, same place, same time.

30 Minute Online Presentations with Q & A- Find Out More In Your Lunchbreak

Would you like to hear about how this business works from the convenience of your home or desk - no pressure or commitment? On Tuesdays at 12.30 GMT there's a 30 minute live presentation by my mentor, Nikken's former president Ben Woodward, and a chance to ask questions.

Perfectly timed for a UK lunch break or a morning commute in New York, Mexico, Peru or Toronto. Just email for call details.

There are regular Nikken Events all over the world, where the opportunity is available in 18 countries. Just email to find out what's on where you live.

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