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Aligning Your Will with Your Intuition

Releasing Fear of our Inner Guidance

One of the most important essences for this issue is Almond Essence - not the kind you keep in the kitchen cupboard though! This flower essence was developed to rebalance us when we're stressed through misusing our willpower.

Our fears often take us out of harmony with the flow of our life as we try and control outcomes by using our Will. This causes blocks in our system as we attempt to force events or people to give us the results we want. Almond Essence helps us to regain trust in our intuition, to realise that all the guidance and wisdom we could ever need is within ourselves.

Supporting New Beginnings

It's particularly supportive to take when we're starting off in a new direction in our life. It will give us the self-belief and confidence to stride out and trust the flow even when those around us feel threatened by the changes in us.

Releasing Fear

It's particularly helpful for fear of ageing but also any fear which is a constant companion in our life. Such fears prevent us from trusting in ourselves, so Almond essence releases them in order that we can confront and resolve them. In turn this helps us to mature, as fear tends to keep us in an over-compliant or defensive, disempowered response to certain situations or people.

As many of us are aware, our physical systems are closely linked to our mental and emotional patterns, so every essence also has an effect on the physical level. Almond essence has a gentle effect on the throat chakra, and is helpful with stress-related problems.

Relaxing into the Flow

As we face and release our fear, we're able to relax mentally and emotionally and our stress levels decrease. We also find ourselves less inclined to direct our life with our Will in an attempt to avoid fearful people, situations or outcomes. This means we can flow along our life path, knowing we're heading in the right direction and that we can handle anything which comes.

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may also consider Finding Perspective - From Intensity to Balance, which contains almond essence, or Take Courage - Release Fear

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