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Relax - Don't do it!

Finding the Right Balance

When someone says we all have a book inside us does the sequel to 'After theEcstasy, the Laundry' spring to mind?Do you have a Zen-like attitude of 'chop wood, carry water' or is life more like tryingto push water uphill?Are you caught in the belief that for every problem there is a solution? You justneed to find the right book, the right person or work harder; in other words keepthrowing more time, will-power and energy at the situation until eventuallysomething or somebody gives way, gives in, gives up or gives as good as they get.

Your Spirit Guide as your Virtual Assistant

If this is you then, in the words of that well known philosopher Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Relax - don't do it!When, like the frustrated ugly sisters we're desperately trying to force our foot into the glass slipper we needto call upon our Fairy Godmother, Spirit Guide or Virtual Assistant to remind us that there is more than onehandsome prince or perfect solution out there!And the clue to finding that solution is that we're always looking for the RIGHT answer, which can't be foundby flogging the LEFT side of our brain.For those us with a typical western education we're conditioned to use logic and be 'rational'.

Do what feels right - then see what's left

Faced with a problem one of the many voices in our head is often a parent or former teacher saying' Comeon - THINK!' But that's just the problem - so often we've already done far too much of that; our left brain is onthe floor surrounded by empty coffee cups and biscuit crumbs in dire need of a spa break.Great, inspiring leaders know the importance of going into the right mind for the right answers. The leftbrain's logic and analytical powers are best used in service to the right brain's vision and creativity.

The Perfect Essence for Workaholics and Thinkaholics

Rhododendron essence typifies this picture of workaholic conditioning, when achievement is everything andwe don't enjoy the journey let alone smell the roses on the way. Our problem is outside us so we assumethat the answer must be outside us too; it's someone else's fault. We forget that our problems mirror ourinner state and any long-term resolution always comes from an inner change. Thus any activity which allowsfor us to go within and enquire into the will of spirit is far more productive than forcing ready-made solutionson to problems rather than trusting in the flow. Rhododendron helps us to relax, lighten up and see thesituation from a more intuitive perspective.

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may consider Finding Perspective - From Intensity to Balance and Healthy Rhythms - Release Overwork, or Aries-Mars which all contain Rhododendron

Personal Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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