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The Secret Sign Language of Plants and Crystals

One aspect of my vibrational medicine training I really loved was learning aboutDoctrine of Signature. This is how a crystal, flower, bird or animal shows us what human conditionit can rebalance. They are our interface with spirit creating a bridge to thedivine. Once you understand their language it can make a walk in the park or awander round the garden a deep spiritual experience, full of messages! It also makes you much more observant, so that you can become very present and attuned to the natural environment. You may find that you feel especially drawn to certain trees or flowers. If you want to know why, here aresome examples to help you read their secret signs:


  • Osteospernum closes its petals to the dark and opens them to the light. This flower helps us open to receive light and love and is part of the Appreciation - Open to Your Heart's Desire blend.
  • Queen of the Night or Night Blooming Cereus blooms only once a year during the hours of darkness emitting an indescribably beautiful perfume. Her essence connects us to the angels of death, helping us, or some element of us to transit into the next beautiful dimension. It's part of the Conscious Transition - Death & Rebirth blend.
  • Cleaver sticks and clings to our clothing showing us how it helps to release us from clinging emotional attachments. It's part of the Scorpio - Pluto blend.
  • Otters are sociable, playful animals who love to relax and go with the flow of the water, often holding each others paws as they drift along on their backs. It's part of the Self-Care and Self-Love blend.


The colour of a crystal or flower can give us a clue which chakra it is working with.
  • For example all Calcites increase our self-belief, ease anger-generated disease, mental rigidity and stagnantenergy but Orange Calcite specifically works on the pelvis, bringing any creative or sexual issues in the sacralchakra back into balance. It can be found in the Sacral Chakra blend.
  • Labradorite is a great reminder of our true spiritual beauty. It can look a plain uninteresting stone until it's placedin the Light when its irridescent indigo and green shades show up like a peacock's tail, working to clear our thirdeye and reconnect us to the divine. That's why you'll find it the Confidence & Trust and the Open to Guidance blends


  • Trumpet or bell-shaped blooms are a sign that they either help us hear ourinner voice or help our voice be heard in the world. Harebell, for example, is part of the Open to Guidance blend whereas Bluebell is part of the Throat Chakra blend.
  • Bengal Trumpet Vine for example, helps us hear our vocation calling us - fabulous for discovering andexpressing your life purpose. It's part of the Speak Your Truth blend.
  • Bleeding Heart which heals our heartbreaks is shaped like a small heart with a drop of blood extending from thebottom. It also awakens musical talent and has little instrument shapes inside each heart! You'll find it the Scorpio-Pluto, Graceful Release - Let Go with Love and Healing Heartbreak blends.


  • Woolly Betony also known as Lamb's Ears has soft furry leaves that encourage you to be gentle with yourself, to be tender with the sensitive parts of your nature. You'll find it in Appreciation - Open to Your Heart's Desire blend. Likewise the delicate rose pink Touch Me Not flower reminds you of the sensory nature of the skin and this essence allows closeness where before you may not have been able to allow people to come too near. It's an important essence in the You Are Enough - Self Belief & Soul Nurture blend.
  • Dandelion has incredibly long roots enabling it to flourish in harsh conditions and draw up minerals when otherplants would die. It teaches us to persevere through adversity, allowing us to draw on deep resources and find adeeper attunement with the Earth. It's part of the Feet Chakras, Capricorn-Saturn and Healthy Rhythms - Relax and Release Overdoing blends
  • Bird of Paradise is a staggeringly flamboyant flower which says 'look at me!' It helps us to stop being small orbelittled, to get in touch with our dramatic side and take centre stage in a life lived in glorious technicolour. You'll find that in the Soul Gifts blend.

Personal Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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