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Where is the Source of your Authority? Pilates for the Soul

Build Up Your Core Strength

The Obedience angel from the Transformation Game pictured here, often causes players to groan when they pick it. It can conjure up visions of rules at work and school, speeding fines and generally conforming to a cultural norm. However the seed message for this in the accompanying Angel Book reads: 'What part of you is in charge? Be mindful of your inner knowing. Follow your deepest impulse with discipline and decisiveness'

Initially this can feel like a relief - our highest path is not to follow the dictates and advice of our boss, family, friends, therapist or latest self-help book. No, our highest path is to follow the dictates of our own soul.

Dr Bach of the Bach Flower Remedies was very clear that all illness, as well as mental and emotional upset, occurs when our personality is not in alignment with our soul. Our suffering is simply a way of our soul letting us know that we need to adjust our course in life. The change could be anything from a need to express our truth to somebody, or a need to release a relationship or heal an estrangement, to a need to completely change our work so that we can express our true gifts in the world.

Whatever it is, you can be sure it won't feel easy, otherwise we would already have done it. The extent of our suffering is usually equal to the strength of our resistance to the change required. Is that feeling of relief beginning to disappear?!

Acting Out

The way to greatest fulfillment and to releasing our suffering is to give time each day to listening to our inner guidance and acting on it. If we want to build up strong core muscles in Pilates, what is more effective? Lying on our mat every morning and just listening to the instructions on the CD or listening to the instructions AND doing the exercises?

To build our spiritual muscles we have to muster enough faith and trust to follow through on the instructions we're given, whether or not our family, bank manager or best friend thinks we have taken leave of our senses or not.

After all, who do you take time with in your life when they ask for your advice? The friend who keeps you on the phone for hours but never follows up on any of your suggestions and who you know will call back later with the same problem, only worse, or the friend who actually takes the inspiration, time and energy you give them to make a real change and then takes you out to dinner to say thank you?

Strengthening Your Guidance

Do you think our Higher Self is immune to our rejection, fear and apathy? I know my own guidance is alwaysclearer and stronger when I'm truly willing to do whatever it takes to walk the next part of my path and this istrue of my clients too. Far more guidance comes through for those who are willing to hear it and ready to acton it. And gratitude really helps to keep the flow of guidance coming in. Our Higher Self feels that wonderfulheart-opening when we feel truly grateful and it allows for even more abundance to flow in.

Favourite Scapegoats

So where do you give away your own authority? It isn't a coincidence that the word contains 'author' - who iswriting the script of your life?Some favourite false authorities are:
  • Our mortgage lender or bank manager I can't afford...
  • Our parents, partner, friends and family But what would x say....?
  • Society and social norms I'll be considered 'flaky', 'self-indulgent', 'deluded'....
  • Our boss or colleagues They'll discount me, exclude me or try and persuade me otherwise.....
  • Our physical situation I'm too fat, ill. ugly, unfit....
  • Our childhood conditioning I was always rubbish at Art/Sports/Music....
  • Future time I'll do it when the kids have left home/ I've saved enough money/ lost weight...
  • External circumstances I'll see what the traffic is like/ I'll see who else is going/ it depends if there'sa Sale on/ the rain is a sign I shouldn't go/ I've nothing suitable to wear
This isn't a complete Resistance List - I'm sure you can add more to it - but it might be helpful in seeingwhere we like to give away our authority. It also means that, since it's what we tell ourself is our reason fornot following our guidance, it also acts as our Blame List as well. So when we aren't happy we can give theresponsibility for that to a whole list of people and we don't appear anywhere on it!

Top Muscle-Building Tips

I have made all my big decisions in recent years based entirely on inner guidance. I've walked away from myjob, moved to a new part of the country, retrained and adopted a whole new set of values. It wasn't easy attimes, but if you want to build up your core spiritual strength my top tips are:
  • Get yourself some support - surround yourself with like-minded people who embrace your newvalues and release those who drain your energy. That means go to workshops, gatherings andonline communities and, if you can, get yourself a coach or a therapist.
  • Make a practice of following your guidance in small matters first and build up. You don't start Pilatesin the Advanced class, after all!
  • Nourish your soul with beauty, interesting reading, inspirational poetry and take time each day todialogue with your Higher Self, openly and willingly
  • Take time to be grateful and appreciate whatever small acts of guidance you have followed throughon. Notice where you have made a positive change, however small, and thank your guidance.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Every time we refuse to accept our old excuse, overcome ourobjections and fears, we gain self-respect, integrity and confidence. You really can't put a price onthat.

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may consider Take Courage-Release Fear or Angelic Support or Karmic Power or Appreciation - Open to Your Heart's Desire

Personal Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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