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Making Soul Time - Use Your Greatest Asset

The Importance of Connection

In the last few weeks, like many of us, I got caught up in so much 'doing' I forgot to 'be'.Luckily I take regular essence blends and was guided to Lady's Slipper in myattunement blend, a flower essence which helps re-integrate our spiritual purpose withour daily work. This gave me the key to why I was feeling so tired - I wasn't drawingfrom Source for inspiration.At that point on a dark, wet winter's night my friend suggested we went for an evening of group soul work.We both had work deadlines but I knew she was right - I stopped listening to my head telling me to stay inand started listening to my soul which needed nourishment. The best decision of the week. I woke the nextmorning centred, happy and full of purpose. A regular gathering of like-minded souls to plug into the Light or Source or whatever you personally call it, isthe best way to keep perspective. Andrew Ferguson of Breakthrough Network puts it very well:

Your Greatest Asset

'In tough times, your greatest asset is your inner self. This connects you to your next greatest asset which is your connection to other good-hearted people. The answer is not to do more. The answer is to be more. Sit with yourself and listen. Then do what is necessary and take the greatest care of all your relationships. This counters the greatest dangers over the next two years which are isolation and loss of integrity. Balance the inner and outer work you do. A combination of self-awareness, honesty, responsibility and care is the way through recession. It is also a reminder of what actually works best all the time.'

Holy Basil - Your Soul Mate

A wonderful essence to help you stay disciplined with your spiritual practice is Holy Basil, pictured here. It'san excellent essence for meditation and feeling a sense of spiritual renewal. Great for when we procrastinateor allow our spiritual practices to fall by the wayside because we feel we have too many other things to do,this essence can give a gentle nudge to ensure that whatever amount of time feels appropriate is given overto the needs of the Soul.

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may consider Open to Guidance, which contains Holy Basil, or Soul Purpose, which contains Lady's Slipper or Brow Chakra or The Higher Chakras

Personal Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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