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Graceful Release - The Gift in Letting Go

How We Make It Hard

Sometimes letting go is very difficult. We may worry we'll hurt someone or that they'll feel let down if we no longer want to continue a job, collaboration or relationship. This means that we attach anxiety and guilt to the situation which keeps it stuck. The same happens if it's physical stuff we're letting go of. We feel irritated every time we still see the old lawnmower or bike that we've advertised for sale in the local paper. Our annoyance repeatedly tells the universe that they're unwanted, so guess what? No one wants them!

Why We Do It

It's human nature to focus on the reasons why we want to let go of something or someone because it motivates us to do something about it. But once the decision is made, continuing to focus on that feeling will block the flow.

How To Turn It Around

To turn it around we need to find the gift in the situation. The gift for us and the gift for the person on the receiving end. The strongest power on earth is gratitude, so invoke that around the thing or the situation you need to release. Thank your lawnmower for its years of service, thank the relationship for the joy and/or learning it has brought you. Then imagine yourself wrapping it up like a beautiful gift ready for the next person to appreciate. Picture yourself handing it over as the opportunity or object that someone else has been wishing for. See their delight in receiving it. Everybody wins!

Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may consider Graceful Release-Let Go with Love or Let Go and Flow or Scorpio - Pluto essence blends

Personal Blends

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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