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Karmic Mechanics

I love the efficiency of constellation work. In an hour you can see and resolve something which years of conventional therapy or management consultation might never uncover. I regularly use it to clarify both work and family issues.

Seven Generations

The North American Indians say that we should make any decision with the next seven generations in mind and when you see a constellation this wisdom becomes immediately apparent. Most of us have ancestors somewhere in our family line who have been unable to resolve grief, loss or separation or who have taken a decision without taking responsibility for its consequences. Whenever this happens a karmic burden is passed on down the line, unwittingly creating problems for those who come after.

Our Family Soul

We don't just have an individual soul, we also have a family soul which yearns for wholeness; for a clear flow of love through our family system. In the same way that we often find a partner in life who can show us the issue we most need to heal, so our life often mirrors the issue in our family which most needs healing too. Thus if we have an ancestor who was excluded through a scandalous action or an early death, we may live a reclusive life, living abroad or alienated from our family, feeling we 'don't belong' as we unconsciously act out their fate. In systemic terms this is known as 'entanglement' and the more entanglements which are present in your family, the more you will see confusion, repetitive disease and self-destructive behaviour, as we unconsiously seek healing and completion.

Karmic Illness

I'd recommend some very accessible books by John Payne who explains how such entanglements cause physical disease.

Suffering on behalf of others is a common theme we see in Family Constellation work. Such suffering often manifests as physical illness, but also as disruptive life patterns. When illness is observed within the context of an entanglement with one who has suffered, it is not necessarily an identical illness that manifests. Often, when individuals who are entangled with the fate of one who has died tragically, unlawfully, or has been forgotten, it is a drain on the physical organism that leads to the development of illness and disease.

When we are identified with one who has died, we have one foot in the grave, so to speak, and therefore we are not fully present in physical life. From an energetic perspective there are cords of energy that connect us primarily from the first chakra to our biological family and ancestors....The first chakra - directly related to our physical apparatus - when damaged or drained by unhealthy relationship cords to ancestors, a parent or grandparent, can weaken the overall health of the physical body and have an impact on the immune system.
The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations by John L Payne

Living in Limbo - How Nature can Help

I frequently deal with clients who have a reduced life force; in the sense that they feel depressed, apathetic and lacking in vitality. When we explore their family tree it can be easy to see where the entanglement and dis-connection may be happening.

There are many flower and crystal essences which help to release this kind of karmic issue. To use one example, Snowflake Obsidian pictured above, works with the issue just outlined, where our soul feels conflicted between wanting to be fully here, enjoying life but also needs to be loyal to our family system by 'including' their ancestor's fate of perhaps an early, tragic death. So this would be an ideal element to any remedy blend for this situation. The definition follows:

Snowflake Obsidian:

This essence is excellent for those of us who feel pulled between life and death. Not suicidal, but still unable to commit fully to being present in our life. This essence helps to bring light into the darkness and also to release that which is not desired in our life by making us aware of the beliefs and thought patterns that have held the unwanted conditions in place.

Chin up! Just Grin and Bear it

I'm also frequently asked by baffled members of older generations why my generation and those coming after me feel the need for all this 'therapy'. In their day you just 'got on with it'. "We were too busy earning a living/ surviving the Blitz/ bringing up children on a shoestring/ to gaze at our navels!" goes the argument.

And they're right - just surviving life events took all their time and energy. But there was an emotional cost to this. A cost which the post-war generation are now paying. John Payne expresses it eloquently:

The only way in which an individual can survive war, multiple infant deaths, loss through disease and oppressive work conditions is to suppress emotion. In this way, previous generations could stuff their feelings away so as not to be conscious of the depth of the pain they were in.

However, as each of us is part of a greater family system that spans several generations, when feelings are 'stuffed' the family soul becomes like a balloon that's squeezed on one side causing the other end of it to bulge out. Feelings don't disappear when they're suppressed, they simply surface elsewhere.
From The Presence of the Soul

I'm sure it's no coincidence that, as our karmic bills fall due, we're seeing such an increase both in understanding these dynamics and in having access to tools such as essences and constellation work which can help us towards deep family healing.

If you feel you have karmic issues then you may find the Karmic essence range particularly useful. These work powerfully alongside constellations and other ancestral work.

A Personal Essence Attunement

Individual flower and crystal essences can also be mixed into a blend for you. If you need guidance or you'd like a personal blend made up, Nikki can attune for the essences most appropriate for your growth and healing.

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Essence Blend Suggestions

If these themes are of interest, you may also consider Karmic Relationships or Graceful Release Essence Blends

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