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Protect yourself from Wireless Technology

Why we're 'wired' - and tired!

I've been seeing more and more clients, both adults and children with problems getting good quality sleep, which is so central to our body's emotional and physical health.

Deep sleep cycles are vital for us to mentally process information, to physically process waste, to emotionally process experience and to spiritually connect. It's also when we rebuild and regenerate at all these levels too. No wonder when these vital hours are disrupted or consist of a far lighter level sleep than we need, we experience a whole range of problems from weight gain and irritability to poor memory and loss of concentration.

Sheila's Story

A lady called Sheila, who I saw recently with sleep problems, was already wondering if they were linked to electrosmog. After our consultation she replaced her digital phones with analogue and she disconnected her new Wi Fi except at the times she needed it. Result? Her old depth of sleep returned immediately and her cat, who had been hyper, calmed down again. Whilst waiting for the Wi Fi engineer to come and take it away again, Sheila (and the cat!) had just one bad night and the next day she realised that she'd gone to bed and forgotten to disconnect the Wi Fi.

Panorama - We're human canaries

Recently I caught a Panorama programme on Wi Fi and was horrified to hear that there are 3,000 Wi Fi hotspots in the UK now including Brighton, Norwich, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

One expert on the programme described us as 'human canaries'. No one really knows what this level of radiation is doing to us over the long-term, because no generation has had such high levels of these particularly harmful waves through its lifetime.

What we do know is that children have thinner skulls than adults and are therefore more at risk than adults.

Some 'canaries' in Sweden are already showing symptoms. Over there they've identified a reaction called 'Electrohypersensitivity', which entitles the person to have protective anti-radiation paint in their home. (It's thick and black and believe me, it wouldn't add to a house-warming party!). They've calculated 3% of the Swedish population suffer from this condition which would translate into 2 million people in the UK.

The most worrying point of the programme was that the Wi Fi transmitters (pictured above) transmit three times as much radiation as mobile phone transmitters, yet wireless technology is being rolled out in our schools - the most vulnerable sector of the population - with such rapidity that 70% of secondary schools in the UK already have it and nearly 50% of all primary schools. Yet symptoms displayed by children in a wireless classroom include short-term memory loss and inability to concentrate - hardly an ideal learning environment!

Why can't we switch off?

How often do you say 'I can't switch off.' Why not? Because we're magnetic energy beings and there's nowhere to go where we aren't bombarded by electro pollution so we have to keep our defence mechanisms switched permanently on. It's exhausting. As a vibrational medicine practitioner I'm finding that this energetic pollution of our environment is far more disruptive than the more visible pollution I see around me. And the more 'sensitive' an adult or a child is, the more this kind of pollution affects them. It can add up to feeling that our energy field is under constant attack.

What can help?

Whilst i can decide not to own digital phones or a microwave, i can't stop my neighbours, and their electrical waves will come through my walls, so I've found one set of technologies which I find really help those of us most affected by this. They're contained in the Nikken sleep system. Cocooned in this it's one place I CAN switch off for seven or eight hours and feel comforted by the natural magnetic field of the earth.

A Son's Story

Karen, who contacted me 2 months ago about her son's sleeping problem had this to say after he'd slept on the Nikken sleep system for four weeks.

'My 12 year old son was constantly feeling nauseous during the day and fearful at night. Nikki recommended that he use the sleep system. After the first night Traevis said that he was feeling much better during the day and safe at night whilst sleeping. His condition continued to improve every day whilst using the sleep system. On the nights that he did not use the system the nausea and fear came back'.
Karen Cottle, Sleep Technician

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