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In our overbusy lives we often miss the most important factor which allows our body to heal and rebalance. Good quality sleep is vital for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation and balance. Yet many of us either don't get enough sleep or when we do, the quality is so poor that we wake up unrefreshed. Come mid-afternoon we often need the artifical boost of a coffee or a sugary snack to stay alert.

Energetically speaking too, deep sleep on the Earth is a vital component to good health. In deep sleep we sort out our emotional life, order our mental filing cabinets of memories and thoughts and spiritually we connect with our unconscious. This is when it's easiest to release trauma and receive messages and guidance from our inner connection.

Be Embraced by the Earth

In the words of Rudolph Steiner, speaking of people in Druidic times, who had neither clocks nor calendars:

When they woke they felt that there was still something remaining over from sleep - something which afforded a sort of nourishment for the soul, which they had absorbed during sleep and which could still be felt. There was a third condition which no longer occurs in human consciousness, a feeling of being surrounded by the earth and, when a person woke up he felt not only that he had been asleep... but that he had been received into a kind of grave by the forces of gravity, that gravity had closed him in and he was in what might be described as the embrace of the earth.
Now just as we can describe our present-day states of consciousness as waking, dreaming and sleep, so we should have to say that at a certain stage of the past there were the three stages of dreaming, sleeping and being embraced by the earth.

Since the magnetic, ionic and far-infra-red cocoon formed by Nikken's sleep system creates a natural environment which mimics sleeping on the earth in a pine forest, my energy balance and clarity of inner connection all changed when I slept in one.

The sleep system consists of a thick magnetic latex pad which slips under your bottom sheet so that it lies on top of your mattress, a latex-filled pillow and a duvet, both with magnetic, far infra red and ionic technologies. Most mattresses accommodate themselves to your problems, the Nikken technologies support your body in resolving them - eight or nine hours every night. It was the best investment I ever made.

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Sleep Test

I met a lady called Zanubia recently who was stressed, not sleeping well and had many of those small, annoying symptoms which many of us have just learned to live with. She tried the Nikken sleep system for two weeks continuously. We checked in before, mid-way through and after the trial.

When she started she had:

  • a chronically 'knotted', tense neck and shoulders
  • a 'hot head'
  • her digestion was sluggish and was prone to bloating
  • she had a swollen joint in her hand
  • she was very cold in her extremities, having to wear socks even in summer.
  • she was under considerable personal stress before and during the trial and, before she started on the sleep system, she would take up to half an hour to go to sleep.
  • she would wake in the night and lie awake for an hour or two before she could fall asleep again.
  • she would often wake in the morning feeling mentally sluggish and physically achey.

After two weeks:

    • her hot head was cool again,
    • the tension in her neck and shoulders and her swollen joint had entirely disappeared
    • her digestion was better and the bloating was noticeably less
    • her chilliness was so much better she's now able to walk around with no socks on, which she has never done before!
    • Whilst she still wakes up achey, this disappears as soon as she is up and about, whereas before it would persist all day.
    • she now drops off to sleep within 10 minutes
    • she wakes in the night much less often and, when she does, she's now able to go straight back to sleep.
    • unsurprisingly she now wakes up far more alert and ready to start her day!

She also reported that: 'Despite a heavy workload during the trial period, I felt much less overwhelmed when on the sleep system. I was amazed at my high energy levels and my moods were more even, so I was better able to deal with challenges. My bed had become a supportive haven where I could really rest and regenerate!'

If you'd like to more about the Nikken sleep system, or try one out for yourself, email Nikki. To browse their range to your heart's content (and health!) and even order online click here for the UK and Europe and here for the USA

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