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Nikken Wellness Subscription

Why Choose a Wellness Subscription?

By creating the monthly or quarterly wellness subscription you can make savings on the online price of many small items. If you already own a Nikken air filter, water system, filter bottle or shower head that's great news for customers in the UK and many other European countries.

By using a monthly or quarterly wellness subscription you can make a saving of 10% off the online price - and shipping is more economical than ordering online too.

UK orders over 49 qualify for free shipping (excludes Channel Islands.)

Examples of savings and recommended intervals for replacement parts include:

  • Waterfall filter cartridge normally 40.25 becomes 36.23 - this needs changing every three months
  • Waterfall & Maxi mineral stones normally 32.25 becomes 29.03 - these need changing once a year
  • Pi Mag filter cartridge (jug-style) normally 29.26 becomes 26.33 - this needs changing every three months
  • Pi Mag Maxi filter cartridge (tall cylindrical model) normally 25.25 becomes 22.73 - this needs changing every three months
  • Pi Mag micro sponge normally 12.50 becomes 11.25 - this needs changing every three months
  • Shower filter cartridge normally 29.26 becomes 26.33 - this needs changing every three months
  • Bottle filters - twin packs - normally 36.76 becomes 33.07 - this needs changing every three months
  • Pot of Organic Barleygrass normally 36 becomes 32.40
  • True Elements Moisturising Face Cream normally 45 becomes 40.50
  • Magflex magnetic back support normally 65 becomes 58.50
  • Pair of Mstride magnetic insoles (small-medium) normally 68 becomes 61.20
  • Replacement Kenkoair filter pack normally 140 becomes 126.00 - this needs changing every six months

How Does a Wellness Subscription Work?

Decide how often you'd like to order something, whether it's monthly or three-monthly (i.e. quarterly). As wellness subscription isn't available for customers to set up themselves yet, you'll need to contact me with your order, your card details and delivery address.

You'll be forwarded your invoice and tracking email so you can keep tabs on the delivery. It will then continue to be delivered at monthly or three-monthly/quarterly intervals, whichever you've chosen - though you can always change what's in the order each time.

For example, you may get a shower filter and Barleygrass in January and insoles with a water filter in April. Then in July you could get organic skincare and a magnetic powerband bracelet. Then you might cancel the account and take a break until you want another filter. There's no minimum amount.

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Can I cancel or change the delivery date?

Providing you contact me within a week of your next delivery I can change the delivery date to one which would suit you better. You cannot, however change the month that it goes out. If you don't need the same item again, you can either change it to a different discounted product or cancel the order and start again when you're ready.

What if I forget to cancel an unwanted delivery?

I send a reminder email to my customers a couple of weeks before an order falls due to check if you want to change anything in the order or delete the account. If you miss the email or don't react, your order will come out as a repeat of the previous month or quarter.

You can always refuse or return a delivery but the initial shipping cost to send it out to you will not be refunded. It's therefore not advisable to use this system if you don't often check your email or your spam folders.

Can I order a Magnetic Seat, Waterfall, Far Infrared Joint Wrap or Sleep Mask this way?

Sorry, this system only offers the smaller items that you're likely to order more than once. If a product you're interested in is available on wellness subscription it will say so on that product page on the website.

UK Shipping

Orders Under 49

UK Shipping (excluding the Channel Islands) is currently 8.40 (incl VAT) on orders under 49.00.

Orders Over 49 - Free UK Shipping

Free shipping applies to all UK orders over 49.

For all orders to the Channel Islands please calculate 35 shipping.

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Is there a deadline?

This is not an offer with a deadline - simply an automated way to order. Having said that, if you want an order to be processed within a particular month you need to set it up by the 24th of that month. After the 24th of each month any orders roll into the next month. So, for example, if you set up a subscription on June 26th, the earliest processing date you'd be offered is July 1st.

How Do I Set It Up?

Simply email to let me know you'd like to order some items with the wellness subscription discount and I'll let you know a safe way to communicate your card details and confiirm to you when it's set up. The system takes most cards except American Express.

How to Order Nikken Products Not on Subscription - UK

To order any Nikken products not on subscription for delivery in the UK and to see current prices (which are not in the brochure) click for the Nikken UK website

To start shopping, click Products.

If you're looking for a reduced item or a product that's on offer, please go to the Special Offer section to get the offer price.

If you're looking for water or air filters please go to the Accessories & Replacement Parts section.

If you're looking for Insoles, a Magduo or other magnetic products, they're in the Rest and Relaxation section.

Website problems? You can call the UK & Europe Nikken office on +44 1908 202422. Mon-Fri 8.30 - 5pm.

You can browse the online UK & Europe brochure here - also available in other European languages.

Find Out More

If you'd like to know more please contact me via email or on +44 (0)1273 773324 Mon-Fri 9.30 - 6pm (except Wednesdays)

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