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Lucky dip - as a feature writer for Soul & Spirit magazine I've collected a bank of their lovely oracle cards, jewellery, candles, incense and books. Card topics range from animals, angels, numerology and nature to goddesses, moon rituals and affirmations and can be a positive way to focus your thoughts.

So as long as there's something in the 'bank' I'll be adding a gift to each UK essence order.

This offer applies to:

A free gift:

  • will be sent with each UK order that includes a bottle.
  • you can use the offer more than once while stocks last.
  • one gift per order to the same address.
  • please email if you'd rather not receive a gift and would prefer to pass it forward.
  • the offer doesn't apply to transmissions, Crystal Herbs' essences or orders outside the UK.

'Thank you so much for the flower essences. They arrived this morning! Unbelievably quickly. And thank you also for the mantra cards. Am very grateful. Kathryn, Poet, Wales

Soul & Spirit: You can also download free guides & workbooks from the Soul & Spirit website check your horoscope and get a discounted subscription delivered to your door.

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