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Energy Enhancement (EE) Systems

Energy Enhancement System - EE

The Energy Enhancement System was developed and tested for 20 years by bio physicist Dr Sandra Rose Michael. who has worked in holistic health for over four decades. The system generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including 'scalar waves'. These energy fields interact with our body's own electromagnetic field, recharging our cells and providing a coherent field in which our body can relax and rejuvenate at a deep level.

The system allows the right and left side of the brain to come into balance (trauma is a common reason why they may be out of balance) and some of the most frequently reported benefits are: improved vision, uplifted mood, higher energy levels, better motor function and relief from all kinds of physical discomfort and dis-ease.

An important point to stress is that the system does not claim to heal. Our body has a natural bias towards homeostasis - a balanced state of wellbeing - and the innate intelligence to heal itself if it's allowed to be in an optimum environment, free of toxins and harmful magnetic fields. Once our body is in an optimal state, instead of spending its energy defending itself from toxins and radiation, the immune system can be redirected to internal housekeeping, while you sit or lie in a deeply relaxed state. Just remember if you try the system that you need to trust your body's priorities. You may be super keen for your acne to disppear but your body may want to start with a deeper problem that could be invisible to you.

NB Once in the EE field the body will tend to detoxify itself, especially of heavy metals, so it's important to stay hydrated and to follow detoxing bath and/or foot soak protocols after a session.

Author and influencer Jason Shurka recently had family members have remarkable experiences in the system. His aunt had a growth disappear and her dog had a large cyst vanish after they slept overnight in the EE field. He was so impressed he decided to bring the EE system to a much wider global network that he's called the Unifyd Healing Netwotk with the aim of making it as accessible as possible and keeping costs as low as is possible and sustainable.

EE Centre Clophill Bedforshire UK - Karma Discount

My personal experience so far has been at the Zenrji Wellness Cenre (pronounced Zenergy) located between Milton Keynes and Bedford, about 50 miles from Central London. The centre is in a lovely rural setting in a beautifully converted farm building. They have special zero gravity chairs which are very comfortable when you're in there for long periods. The room is lit at a low level which is very relaxing so you can easily drop off under a luxurious cosy blanket. Binaural beats play in the background and beautiful scenery moves across the screen but you can wear ear plugs and an eye mask if you'd like to have complete quiet, Dr Rose's advice is to keep your eyes closed if you can, to allow your energy to focus within.

Tina, who runs the 12 unit centre is warm and welcoming and has a real sense of this as her soul calling. All the small details have been thought about, with filtered air and water and a comfortable reception area. It's all wheelchair accesible. There are also scalar-enhanced crystal medallions, bracelets and bath salts.  

Please use the code karmazen10 at checkout for your discount on any orders of £100 or more. Click to visit the Zenrji website

Zenrji also offer overnight sessions with proper comfortable beds - although these are often booked a long way ahead,

Questions? If you have questions regarding the EE Systems or the scalar enhanced jewellery below that aren't answered on this webpage or on the Zenrji Website or you want to book, please contact Tina and the Zenrji Team by texting, What's App or calling 07791-441-203 or via email

'I've been following Jason Shurka and Dr Rose Michael for a long time. 2 days prior to my visit to Zenrji, I became ill. Kidney pain and severe temperature fluctuations. I'm uesd to a level of pain and discomfort daily. I have Crohn's Disease, multiple physical injuries, including cervical and lumber spine and nerve damage. By Saturday evening my kidney pain was gone. The physical pain I would normally experience was gone, slight discomfort in my hip was left, but, in comparison to what I was used to, this was greatly reduced. I no longer need medication every day for Crohn's and do not need pain meds. My reflux has gone. My varicose veins are gone. I have lost weight. I highly recommend.' Sara-Lynn Jones, Zenrji Wellness Centre, UK

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Embedding the EE-System technology into wearables allows a small amount of the bio-active fields, found in the technology, to be carried around when worn; thus providing a small bio-active field that the EE-System technology promotes. Bio-active simply means your own bio-molecular field is interacting and feeding off the product! Your field is then optimised, energised and harmonised by the scalar enhanced product. If you're unsure which crystals will work best for you try dowsing, muscle-testing and use this handy guide below from Zenrji to see what emphais each crystal carries.

Browse Guide to Crystals  

Browse and order jewellery. Please use the code karmazen10 at checkout for your discount on any orders of £100 or more.

Questions? If you have questions regarding the EE Systems or the scalar enhanced jewellery that aren't answered on this webpage or on the Zenrji Website please contact Tina and the Zenrji Team by texting, What's App or calling 07791-441-203 or via email

“I want to give an update after my overnight EE stay. It’s now been a week and wow I feel transformed! I believe for 4 days I must of been detoxing because I had a headache for 4 days. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for 3 years. Struggling to get out of bed, feeling sluggish. Come 1 pm I would want to have a nap or sit down. Thats all gone! I have so much energy I feel 10 years younger. I had forgotten what feeling normal was like. I have struggled with insomnia, constantly waking during the night. Thats all gone! I am sleeping like a baby. Feel refreshed with quality sleep. My brain fog is gone. Im alert! My cognitive function has hugely improved. I was also having heart palpatations which I haven't disclosed to anyone. They are gone. I can run up the stairs without feeling out of breath. I am so grateful I was able to experience the EE system and the Zenrji community. I am blown away. I did find the overnight extremely powerful. It really is incredible. I feel I could climb a mountain. My emotional well being has changed. I feel my heart, and the love and I joy I used to give has returned.' Nichola, Zenrji Wellness Centre, UK

EE Discount Code

If you want to book sessions or order bio-scalar enhanced jewellery, please use the code karmazen10 at checkout. It's not case sensitive. If booking or ordering over the phone just mention Karma Coach to claim your discount on any orders £100 or more. The code will not be valid with any existing offers.

Questions? If you have questions regarding the EE Systems or the scalar enhanced jewellery that aren't answered on this webpage or on the Zenrji Website please contact Tina and the Zenrji Team by texting or calling 07791-441-203 or via email

'Suffered from hypo thyroid, adrenal fatigue and imbalanced hormones for 15+ years working with a natural specialist found some relief, but never had energy left over to work out or enjoy an active lifestyle and depression and fatigue were always lurking. I began visiting Jen Urbanís EE system Swanton, OH and after 5 visits of 2 hour sessions I had saliva, urine and blood testing by my DR. And Hormone specialist and received the best news! High cholesterol was in perfect range, no longer need to increase thyroid medication and most importantly my adrenals were in a healthy range, and other hormones falling into balance optimal range and reduced supplementation! I feel 20 years younger, hiking 15-25 miles week, biking and weight training, something I never thought I could enjoy again.'' Tamara Drier. USA

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Zenrji have set up a page with users testimonials that include improvements with chronic fatigue, stroke, vision loss, breathing problems, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, skin conditions, sinus issues, and tinnitus.

Read Zenrji testimonials

Author and influencer Jason Shurka has set up a website called Unifyd Healing where you can read testimonials from people who have tried the system. Their stories are testament to how much our body can recover, even from long-term chronic illness.

Read more EE Testimonials

'I've had significant trauma in my life and have been dealing with it for many years . The first few sessions at the EE centre I just cried . The last 2 sessions I've had literally nothing come up about it. I don't feel impacted by this trauma any more. I'm deeply blessed and grateful. It has made a huge difference in my life.' Ty Scalar. The Zenrji Wellness Centre

How It Works

If you'd like to understand how it works, there is an excellent 40 minute video here by author and influencer Jason Shurka. Some of the key points to understand are:

1) The environment that you're in dictates how you experience your health.

2) The Law of Conservation states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it's infinite.

3) Cellular charge, PH level and oxygen levels are all interconnected - when health is optimised your cells have a high charge, are on the alkaline end of the spectrum and are rich in oxygen. The toroidal field moves in all directions all at once and lives in all things. It is coherent.

Watch Jason's video about how the system works

'Since visiting the centre the muscles in my pelvic area have improved, with improved incontinence issues. After the very first session my mood has lifted tremendously. I have only been for 4 x 2hr sessions, so I am very happy with the results.' Dari Mullins. Quantum Healing, Noosa. Australia.

Energy Enhancement Centre Locations

The Unifyd healing website also shows you the centre locations, both current and those yet to open. Thereís currently a year waiting list to get a system due to demand so itís taking time for centres to open. Some centres have more systems than others, which is worth remembering when you read testimonials, people have had different exposures. The most intense way to experience it is to sleep overnight in the field.

'I've had 5 two hour visits. The first time I could breathe deeply. Since having C***d 3 times my breathing had suffered. Now I can breathe so much better. 2nd visit I had my hearing healed. I had lost hearing in right ear by 75%. It has been totally restored after 30 yrs. And pain I had has been resolved. My energy level has been restored. C***d had wiped my energy out. But now I feel like I did before having C***d. Canít recommend the EESystem enough!' Kathy. Zenergy, USA.

Find an EE Centre near you

Q and A with Dr Sandra Rose Michael and Jason Shurka

This video includes questions about:

  • how the EE System works
  • what conditions it can help with,
  • the importance of detox protocols
  • the best diet to follow while using EE systems
  • the role of radiation in illness
  • recommended exposure times
  • the difference between the strength of more easily shipped 'cubes' and the larger original EE units
  • using the technology to charge supplements, crystals and water
  • using the technology with other complementary products
  • how the jewellery works and way you can use it
  • how the systems compare to other technologies such as 'med beds'
  • some of the big future projects planned for the EE technology such as cleaning up radiation in the oceans
  • the impact of the EE ystems on anaphylactic shock, mental health and trauma
  • Watch a vidao of a Q & A between Jason and Dr Sandra Rose Michael

    'I've spent 14 hours in total so far with EE systems, mainly in 4 hour sessions. My energy levels have improved hugely as has my mental alertness and clarity of thought. Physically speaking a cyst went away and sinuses that have troubled me most of my life are now clear, meaning I sleep, breathe and sing better. I gave up caffeine years ago but for weeks afterwards it was as if I'd had several expressos!

    On my final visit I also bought a scalar-enhanced crystal medallion as a way of protecting myself - many people have reported results simply from wearing them. When I took my blood pressure without wearing the medallion and then again while wearing it, the readings went down drmaticallty - I did it twice to be sure, as i couldn't quite believe it.

     Nikki, Zenrji UK

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