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Mid January News 2019
Saying Goodbye
This time between the full moons under the influence of Capricorn is all about allowing deep structural change. 

Physically it's about bones and teeth, on a practical level you may find that essential tools need maintenance or renewal such as your lease, computer, car, website, insurance or furniture. 

Emotionally you may need to give attention to maintain or renew significant relationships - both the one you have with others and the one you have with yourself - even the one you have with your work. Which do you want to keep and deepen? Which do you want to lovingly release?

Change can be challenging because it involves opening to new things and setting off on a learning curve which often means becoming a beginner again. Most of all we have to let go of familiar situations, routines and relationships which may have provided a sense of security.

That last can be the hardest of all, so below you'll find techniques and tools for releasing attachments that may be getting in the way of moving in a new direction as well as a way of connecting to your guidance to ask what is still on your soul path and what you need to wave goodbye to.

Wishing you clear guidance in 2019

Nikki Wyatt - The Karma Coach 

PS I'm aware of new information coming through so I'll be creating new offerings this year. Please let me know if there's any particular focus or format you'd appreciate such as videos, ebooks, visualisations, workshops or webinars.

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Quick Deadline Reminders
De Luxe Attunement Offer
An Exercise For Change
Karma Connection - the real causes of depression
New Found Home
Free Card Reading
Optimism Oil & Free Facial Wash
Gordon Smith - Best of Both Worlds
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
Emotion Code - Releasing Body Memory
Quick Deadline Reminders
This month's offers include: 
  • Akiva Omega Guardian Energy Egg on Base
    Wifi Protection - Are you ready for 5G?  Electromagnetic radiation can cause serious health issues from memory loss to immune problems and sleep disturbance. Unfortunately this is set to increase as 5G and smart meters roll out. Hopefully it will also be the tipping point where enough of us say no. 
    Energy researchers Stephen and Lynda Kane work constantly to provide the highest possible protection. Those who are very sensitive may need up to four guardian energy eggs on the wood and glass bases. Read more and get the link to test yourself and the 25% reader offer code in the last newsletter
  • Woman with Questions
    Coaching Starts  If you'd like a mentor for a the next phase of your journey you're very welcome to book a coaching package or follow up sessions online - you'll also find a guidelines link on that page, so you know what to expect. If we've never worked together before, it's best to email to schedule a chat to make sure we're a fit. I can't wait to see who feels drawn to travel together in 2019:)
  • White Bluebells
    Are you an emotional sponge? Do you dislike crowds? Do others drain you? If you often wish you were less sensitive White Bluebell offers a cloak of protection. This deep acting essence helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of others and enables you to remain centred in your own clear boundaries even in the company of others.
    PS If you like working with angels there's 20% off an Angel essence set 
De Luxe Attunements - 15% Off
Attunement Lotus
To help with seeding new ideas and clearing space on an energetic level, I'm offering a rare few discounted De Luxe Attunements. These are far and away the most requested readings - and the most comprehensive - so please order with a side dish of patience - they take up to ten working days:) Please mention your rough age in a separate email if you've never ordered one before. Offer ends Tuesday Feb 6.

Read more about de luxe attunements here and come back to the newsletter for the discount. If you've never had one before you'll find an introductory discount on this page.

Adult De Luxe Attunement
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Adult De Luxe Attunement
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Adult De Luxe Transmission Attunement
What's a Transmission?

Read Attunement FAQs
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(ca 116 USD /102 Euros). 
Offer 76.50 GBP 
(ca 99 USD / 87 Euros) 

'Thank you for my second transmission attunement. You're always spot on. While I was reading the attributes of each essence I felt a tingling sensation in my head, arms and legs...I still do now as I write to you! I know that healing has already taken place fully, it's just a matter of time for me to experience this. I feel as if I'm inside a loving embrace and feel strongly supported. The healing energies are encouraging and motivating me to finally be me again!!' Evi, Artist, Cyprus
If you order an attunement with this offer, please click for the confirmation webpage as the newsletter buttons can't be programmed to take you there.
An Exercise for Change 
Doors Choice What's Next? As this is a time when so many of us are being asked to make big decisions here's an exercise to help cut through confusion: 

Prepare your space Cleanse with sage and a feather or Clarity & Perspective essence spray and add incense or an essential oil blend such as one to focus or de-stress, depending on your intention. 

A piece of Rosemary can be uplifting and mentally calming, allowing you to access higher wisdom and Sage is marvellous for connecting to future dimensions. If you like crystals, Green Tourmaline is ideal for bringing in a fresh perspective and Danburite gives you the courage to make choices in alignment with your soul.

Get a pack of post-it notes or any pad with identical pages and a pencil or pen that won't bleed through and be visible when you turn it over. 

Write your options on each post-it. So you may note down people's names or work projects, places to move to or possible next steps. 

Take a separate A4 sheet of paper and write numbers on it corresponding to the number of post-its. So if you have 5 post-its, for example, write the numbers 1-5 in a column on the paper.
Angel Wings
Ask your guides to gather round and turn the post-its over in front of you so you can't see what's written on them. Write a number on the back of each. Breathing with awareness start to go within and connect with your wise inner guidance. You may already have a routine or you may like to visualise yourself going down a staircase into an inner sanctuary.

Now put your hand on each post-it in turn or stand on them if you prefer. Allow sensations to come to you. They may be feelings or images, colours or nothing - a sense of numbness or a void - you may notice your energy rise or fall - you may get a word or sentence. Make a note of your reactions against each number. When you've finished thank your guides for their help and ask if there's anything else you need to know.

Finally turn over each paper in turn and consider what your reactions indicate about your choices.  
Need more help? So often choices are hard to make because our emotional state isn't allowing us to see clearly. If that's you, then consider a Bach remedy consultation. It takes only a short time with experienced focused questions to identify the emotions at play and a bespoke blend can get you back on track within hours.
Join the Karma Connection  
Share Experiences - Make Friends
Mugs and Chat
Recent posts include: powerful morning rituals, how to cope with triggered trauma, the healing abilities of trees, why you should ditch New Year's resolutions, transgenerational trauma and the real causes of depression.

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New Found Home
We traveled far away to make this homeless Newfoundland happy. Now, he is about to pay it forward.
This homeless Newfoundland is about to pay it forward.
In the midst of all the negative news stories are happening which show the power of kindness. This Newfoundland puppy was abandoned when he grew too large but there was a happy ending waiting for him.
If Dog shows up as a totem in your de luxe attunements or your dreams, it's a sign to unite with your 'soul pack' and align with your true companions. Dog brings the qualities of loyalty, service,team work and unconditional love. 
Free Card Reading
Card Reading These three animal and nature decks offer a single or three card spread about a question you have arising now.

Focus on opening to guidance and when you're ready choose your deck and the spread that you're guided to.nyr 

Optimism Oil & Free Facial Wash
Optimism Blend
Need a pick me up?
When there is less daylight our mood can really suffer, so if you're feeling down this optimism blend is a great pick me up for your spirit. Jasmine brings you back into connection with your divine spark and the joy of being alive, while enlivening Grapefruit releases tension, bringing sunlight energy to the pineal gland and Black Pepper ensures you're present and committed to being here.

So if you're feeling dark clouds gathering or you're having a grey day, add optimism blend to your diffuser and recover your joie de vivre.

Free Facial Wash Offer Free Facial Wash
This new offer means that you get a free facial wash worth 17 GBP or 19.55 Euros with the Frankincense, Rose, Orange Flower or Palmarosa skincare ranges. Just buy a moisturiser and toner and the facial wash is added, while stocks last. Use the following link to choose the range you want. 
Superfood Greens
Half Price Clearance Offer New items on half price clearance include superfood greens blend and cleanse blend, Browse the half price clearance.

January offers are here and this link updates as the month goes on.

Products available in the UK, Ireland, France & Germany. Browse Brochurecps

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Gordon Smith - Best of Both Worlds
Fri 15 Feb London SW7 
Gordon Smith - Talking To The Dead (1/4)
Gordon Smith - Talking To The Dead (1/4)
Gordon Smith is widely accepted as one of the most accurate mediums in the world.

Renowned for his ability to give not only addresses, street names and places but also exact names of people, his outstanding gift has continued to bring comfort and healing to thousands of people worldwide.
Gordon Smith
Best of Both Worlds offers you a chance to meet the man who has captivated audiences worldwide, in the historic and intimate setting of the College of Psychic Studies.

Do you enjoy contact with other dimensions? Try Angelic Support - Crossing Dimensions essence
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body 
David Hamilton - Mon 11 Feb, London W1
How Your Mind Book
Many people think that the placebo effect is 'all in the mind', that people just 'think' they're getting better. In actual fact, belief causes real physical changes in the brain consistent with what the person believes.

In this talk, David will explain how powerfully belief impacts the body. He'll also discuss how mindfulness impacts the brain, how emotions impact the arteries and the immune system, even how the brain doesn't distinguish real from imaginary, such that the brain can process what we imagine as if it's real.

David will share practical strategies such as using visualisation to harness the mind-body connection for health and wellness, based upon successful techniques used by people who recovered from injury, illness and disease.

Read about David's 2019 events around the UK, Germany and Australia

Visit his website and follow his online courses 
Try Karmic Cleansing essence
Emotion Code - Releasing Body Memory
Emotion Code - Process of Releasing Trapped Emotion
Emotion Code - Process of Releasing Trapped Emotion
Where have you buried your feelings?
We've all had difficult experiences that have provoked strong feelings which can remain in our body memory as well as unhealed events from our ancestral line. While we can see how triggered these become in certain situations or around certain behaviours, it can be hard to unearth and release them from our body.

Some years ago I came across the Emotion Code, part of larger system called the Body Code, developed by American chiropractor Dr Brad Nelson. He discovered that by identifying the emotion and its source, it's possible to release it by passing a magnet over the governing meridian of the body, along the centre of your head and spine.

The Emotion Code
In the video he describes how to release an emotion in the simplest way to give you an idea how it works. In his book it's more nuanced in that he gives other ways that you can test yourself, which you may prefer. There are also additional questions such as asking if the emotion is yours or if you're holding onto it for someone else or if you've inherited it. It can also be useful to ask if you're ready to let go of it. 

When I've done this I've found there's only so much I can release in one session as my mind and body need time to integrate the changes. This is especially true of what he calls the 'Heart Wall', the area around the heart where we tend to hold on most to past wounds and which affects our ability to give and receive love.

Magcreator Roll
Emotion Chart Personally I copied and laminated the chart from the book to make it easier to work with. It can take a little time to start with, but once you get the hang of it the system is quite quick and certainly faster than 'talk therapy'. Most of the time you only need to know one or two things about the emotion to be able to connect to it and, providing you're willing to let go of it, your intention and the magnet does the rest.

Emotion Code Practitioners Dr Nelson has trained many people to use this system. If you'd like experienced help I can recommend Jude Hubbard who works on the phone, via Skype and email as well as in person in Worcester, UK. Also Sussex-based chiropractor Jon Mason offers sessions in Chichester and Brighton. He incorporates much of the Emotion Code and Body Code in his overall work and also works remotely.

You can also check the practitioner worldwide map

MagDuo Dynamic Magnets
Magnets Dr Nelson came across this system when using the Nikken Magduo (formerly called the Magboy) and the Magcreator which is like a magnetic rolling pin that you can roll across your head and down your spine.

How to Order UK You can order both online in the Rest and Relaxation section or you can get the Magduo (but not the Magcreator) via autoship which gives you 10% off and slightly lower shipping costs. If it's your first time ordering online you'll be asked to register at checkout. Once registered you can also use your Customer ID to order over the phone Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm on 0800 0132 142. Please tick during registration to say you're happy to be contacted by me or I won't be able to help you.

Outside the UK? Order either by phone on +44 1908 202422 Mon-Fri or online via the international website. Link and instructions here

For the USA please contact Nikken consultant Vanessa Francis or go straight to her Nikken website
Making Light of It
'If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.' 
Toni Morrison
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