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Rebalancing Life

The Service and Cost Frequently Asked Questions Book a Consultation Book a Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed, angry, confused, upset or worried? Do you need a safe healing space to be heard?

It's vital for our mental, emotional and physical health to give ourselves permission and time to listen to our feelings. When we 'park' them for too long to attend to external demands, they can break through as angry or tearful outbursts or express themselves as illness to force us to stop and process. A regular check in with your feelings in the form of a Bach remedy consultation can be:

  • an easy and effective way to accelerate your personal growth, as it it builds self-awareness and uncovers blind spots that can keep you stuck or create self-sabotaging behaviour
  • a safe way to prevent unexpressed feelings from building to the point of being destructive to your relationships, your work or your physical health
  • a means to bring you back into balance so that you can sleep, recharge, concentrate and take constructive, effective action
  • a way of identifying deep recurring patterns that you can then deal with using additional therapeutic support (Bach remedies are compatible with most other kinds of therapy)
  • a gentle support for times of stress, such as children leaving home, a relationship ending, caring for an elderly parent or young children, recovering from an operation, moving home, redundancy or juggling too many roles
  • a natural drug-free way to ease you into a deeper process, help you journey through it or support you through the resolution phase

The 38 Bach Remedies have an important role in supporting us on a day to day level. These powerful, natural essences cover any mental, emotional state or behaviour pattern that can entrap you. Too often we judge ourselves for having difficult feelings which keeps them stuck, so they intensify. Bach remedies allow them to flow through and dissolve.

For example, if your responsibilities are weighing so heavily that you've lost your sense of humour and your back hurts - add Oak. If you need to say a loving 'no' to the endless demands being made upon you, add Centaury. If you're lying awake because your head's buzzing with everything you need to do, add White Chestnut. If your jaw's so tight trying not to scream or simply speak your truth that you've developed a pounding headache, add Cherry Plum.

No matter how you're feeling, in a short time on the right blend, your mood will change. Situations which may have felt unbearable, insoluble or impossibly frustrating, will suddenly lighten, as if you're looking through a different lens. It's a support group in a bottle!

Some of the remedies appear to treat very similar things. Eight of them treat aspects of despondency and despair for example, so if you're at the end of your tether, which one do you choose? Many of us look at the 38 descriptions and say: "I need them all"! That's where I'd love to help you.

Often the remedy you most need is for your biggest blind spot. Our ego is very, very experienced at keeping us from seeing how we're sabotaging ourselves. Some of my greatest 'Aha' moments have been when I'm consulting with another practitioner, who has suggested remedies I'd never have chosen for myself.

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'Thanks for the Bach essence blend. It arrived safely and I'm loving it!' Michelle, Writer, USA

The Service and Cost

You can call at a pre-arranged time for up to thirty five minutes professional and confidential phone consultation to establish the blend(s) needed to bring your current mental and emotional states into balance.

Cost: The consulting time is £45 GBP (approx 53 Euros or 61 USD) and a 25 ml blend made up for you personally is 12.99 GBP + p&p. (approx 15 Euros or 18 USD). You are welcome to order more than one bottle for only 9 GBP extra. Just email for an invoice for the extra bottle.

'The Bach Flowers have worked a treat - I'm back on an even keel now, my energy has returned and I feel so much better.' Jan, Trainee Nutritionist

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Bach consultations & coaching?

Bach consultations are 35 minutes and are intended to fulfil the role outined above. That means that we don't go through a detailed background history, as we're dealing with what is currently presenting. Likewise we aren't attempting to formulate long-term goals or deal with ancestral karma. Bach consultations are focused on bringing awareness to your emotional and mental state and getting you back on track quickly. Coaching allows for longer sessions in order to look at your path as part of a bigger picture.

When is a consultation not suitable?

It's not suitable in very complex situations which need more time or for emergencies. It may take up to two working days to respond to an enquiry and I can get booked up some way ahead.

Can I order more than one bottle?

Definitely. If you'd like more than one remedy blend just choose the appropriate fee on the drop down menu button on the website. If you're not sure how many you'll need until we start the consultation, you can be invoiced at the end for anything extra.

'My twelve year old son was in a state of anxiety whilst settling into a new school. He was tearful, couldn't sleep and needed constant verbal reassurence. I phoned Nikki as I needed more support and advice and had used her myself in the past. After I explained the situation she made a Bach Flower remedy blend for him and the result was phenomenal and immediate. His anxiety was much much less, he felt able to cope and after two days went off happily to school. She didn't even need to meet him in person. It really was remarkable.'
C.M. Public Relations Manager

Can I use this service if I already have my own Bach Remedies or want to get them from elsewhere and just want advice on which to use?

Absolutely. You'll find that option on a special button below which does not add postage or remedy costs. If you don't have a set of remedies and would like one, you can also buy a full set of all 38 Bach Remedies or a self-select set of ten produced by Crystal Herbs. You'll occasionally find discounts on these in the Spirit of Transformation newsletter.

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Can I use this service if I'm already consulting with you or taking an attunement of deeper acting essences?

Sure! The deeper acting essences can bring up difficult patterns and the Bach Flowers are a wonderful complement to helping these release comfortably. Just take the Bach Flowers 20 minutes away from your deep acting essences.

I've tried Bach Flowers, especially Rescue Remedy™, and they didn't work.

If you'd like to use Bach Flower remedies for you and your family I recommend Crystal Herbs and Healing Herbs as brands which retain the original strength of the Bach Flowers. If you're unsure about the potency of the ones you're using then have your remedies checked by a kinesiologist.

'Thanks again for the mustard remedy, it's really helping me to lighten up' Jake, Student, Wales

Which brand of Bach Essences do you use?

I use Crystal Herbs Bach Flower remedies which are handmade with love, to the original instructions of Dr Bach using only the finest quality ingredients. They are preserved in organic brandy.

'Bach Flower Essences have been making such a difference to my life. Since the first day of taking them I've felt so much more clarity'. Marisa, Bowen Practitioner

Book A Bach Remedy Consultation

Just choose the appropriate button below for your geographical area and I'll email during the working week to agree a time for our consultation. It will be on my landline phone rather than webcam as I work best with high audio quality and no visual distraction. I'll email to your paypal address unless you let me know otherwise.

Book A Consulation Package

You can book two consultations at a 10% discount. Just choose the appropriate button and your geographical area. You can set the dates from session to session, depending on your need. Generally it take 2-3 weeks to finish each Bach blend.

N.B. Essences are preserved in a small amount of brandy and can be taken in water or under the tongue. Please let me know if you'd like a reduced amount of brandy.

Book A Single Consultation

Bach Remedy Single Session 45 GBP
+ 1 x 25 ml Personal Remedy Blend 12.99 GBP
UK Postage
Europe Zones 1 & 2 Postage
Europe Zone 3 Postage incl Switzerland, Norway, Turkey & Gibraltar
USA Postage
Canada/SA Postage
Aus/NZ/SG Postage

Book Two Consultations - 10% Discount

Bach Remedy Two Sessions - 10% Discount
+ 2 x 25 ml Personal Remedy Blends 12.99 GBP Each
UK Postage x 2
Europe Zones 1 & 2 Postage x 2
Europe Zone 3 Postage x 2 incl Switzerland, Norway, Turkey & Gibraltar
USA Postage x 2
Canada/SA Postage x 2
Aus/NZ/SG Postage x 2

N.B.Take sessions every two, three or four weeks, as you prefer, providing that orders for multiple sessions are completed within 6 months of the first booking.

Consultations without remedies

Number of consultations - Use blue arrows for volume discounts

N.B.Take sessions every two, three or four weeks, as you prefer, providing that orders for multiple sessions are completed within 6 months of the first booking.

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